Friday, October 15, 2010

Heck of a day

Right now I'm killing time because I'm baking baby food. I didn't intend to be doing this so late, but we've had an problem which is partially my fault so I will live with pureeing food later than I wanted to. In case your curious, I'm baking yams, butternut squash, and pumpkin. Fall foods. Yummy!! I know that HB loves the squash and yams. I hope that he likes the pumpkin. It's a pie sized one.

The problem...oh, yes, sorry deliriously tired and yet wide awake....well today I went to visit Trisha. And as I was leaving a storm was starting to blow through. I was trying to get out the door. We have two front doors: a wooden door and a metal screen door. The screen door has been giving us problems because every time it gets windy the wind will blow the door with hard force. It wouldn't be a problem except one of the screws into our wooden door frame is stripped. So hubby has been faithfully nailing it back whenever it gets windy and the door bangs out.

Well today it was particularly blustery. I was closing the wooden door and holding onto the metal door while simultaneously holding the baby and trying exit. A large gust of air came by and I lost my grip on the metal door. Happily I did not loose the baby. That's when I heard it. BANG! And I knew that that was not a good sound. I managed to get out the door. I shut it slightly and then decided that I should try and lock it. I made sure to push it a little bit, but I couldn't so I decided just to lock the inner/outer wooden door. But I couldn't open the metal door. It wouldn't give. I put the baby in the grass and tried. Finally, I gave up.

I went to Trisha's and called Hubby to let him know. I also told him that I was pretty sure that the wooden door frame was done for. I hang out for an hour at Trisha's and then headed home to meet Hubby.

He can't make it budge either. We don't have access to our tools so Hubby goes over to our neighbor's and asks for help. She tries her best. Previously we had been invited over by Jesse. Hubby calls Jesse to tell him that we might not make it because we are unable to enter our house. Jesse makes the suggestion of me hanging out with the kids while they eat out and that he will go over to our house and see what he can do. I end up feeding four kids by myself. It was bit tricky because three aren't my kids so I don't know what they normally will eat and what they need to eat. Although I have a better idea of what Mammita will eat. But I managed. When Jesse met up with me, Hubby had managed to get the door open.

Now they needed to get it functional enough. So Jesse and Hubby tried hammering back in the frame. No dice. Hubby tells me that they hung from our over-hang rafters and literally kicked it back into place. It's in there, but it's not a permanent fix.

For now the goal is get some screws and screw the frame into the wooden door's frame since the metal door's frame is a separate piece. If that doesn't work, our neighbor gave us the business card of a guy who fixed her door when she had a similar problem. Basically we're hoping that by anchoring the frame we won't have to shell out cash to replace the whole frame. Which quite honestly, should be replaced. We live in a desert with a wooden door frame. The thing gets dried out (which is why it popped out). A metal door frame would be sturdier, but we can't afford to have that done. So wood screws here we come.

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