Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Night Sucked

Last night sucked royally. The diaper did another leak. Now that wouldn't bother me so much except several things....1) Hubby was in one of his "moods" which means that he only wanted to be in his man cave and be moody. Lamented the whole night over having no free time, a needy/fussy baby, and the fact that he wants no more children (a fact that changes frequently and gives me a headache). Okay...I begged for free time, which we've worked out over the weekends. But I also got guilt tripped because I never spending time with him. So Hubby volunteered to help with either putting the baby to bed or doing the dishes (we rotate them) in the evenings. I was fine with doing both just wouldn't have time with him. So last night I get the opposite guilt trip of "I never have time to myself in the evenings." *sigh* Pick one, Hubbs, either you spend time helping me out to be able to spend time with me or you go off and spend time by yourself. You can't have both. Sorry.

And the second one was that HB would not, could not sleep. He would not, could not be rocked to sleep. He would not, could not be fed to sleep. He would not could not go to sleep in his own bed. I guess the diaper leak was too traumatic for him.

So here I am at midnight, cranky, tired. Changing the sheets and his clothes. Getting Hubby to go find another diaper because I had just done the laundry and his pjs and diaper covers were in the basket down stairs. Hubby got up and when I said that I really needed the pjs he threw the diaper on the floor and stomped off. I tried and tried and tried to get HB to settle down and go to sleep. And then yelled and fussed at Hubby for his attitude in the whole situation. And finally I decided to sleep on the couch (when I'm mad at him I go sleep on the couch, I guess I'm nice that way). Hubby decided to sleep in the bed with HB. HB slept fitfully. And I woke up with my toes, neck, and hand hurting because I had turned myself in an awkward position on the couch.

Nobody had a great night last night so we all took a sick day. Hubby slept in. I took a nap after Hubby got up. And HB took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the sorta mid-morning afternoon time. And that was his only nap. I decided to heck with my peace activist for today; I will deal with it tomorrow or Sunday. Tonight, HB is in a disposable diaper. Until I find an arrangement where his diaper doesn't stink from being full of pee in the morning and a diaper that doesn't leak, I'm going to use disposables in the evening. It's the best solution I've got at the moment. We all need sleep.

But on a much happier note...
Go trick or treat for UNICEF. I think I've decided to be a cowgirl to sorta fit with HB being a cow. But I may change my mind. UNICEF provides food, medicine, and clean water for children in emergencies including war torn areas. It is celebrating it's 60th year of trick or treating for change. All you have to do is go to a Toys R Us or your local UNICEF store and ask for the orange box. You can also order them free online in groups of 10 so you can get your friends and family involved. Then take the box and go door to door collecting spare change for kids. You can take the change to a Coin Star and mail in the receipt or deposit the change and write UNICEF a check.

And if you aren't trick or treating, you can raise money through your website or you can host a Halloween party and ask for donations.

It's that easy. Create peace with your international neighbors. Change a child's life. Support UNICEF. Hey, Audrey Hepburn, who was a huge advocate of UNICEF, received aid after WWII. Before UNICEF came to her town, she was eating bread made from ground up tulips. You never know how the change you collect will affect someone's life. So consider trick or treating for UNICEF. It will literally change the world. They need a slogan like "collect change to make change."

Also...interesting fact. Do you know where your car is made? Yeah, some people still think that their car is made in the country where the business originates but no. We have a Nissan plant in Mississippi. Also many of the parts come from other countries. So your car may have a Chinese transmission.

But here's a clue as to wear you car was put together. The first letter or number of your vin indicates where the car was put together.

1 or 4: made in the USA
2: made in Canada
3: made in Mexico
J: made in Japan
K: made in Korea
S: made in England
W: made in Germany
Z: made in Italy

So where is your car from? Hubby's POS 1992 Pontiac GM was made in the good ol' US of A. My car, given that it's a Hyundai, was in made in Korea. I like the Koreans. Very nice people. And the major religion is Christianity. They aren't all that dissimilar to us.

So I wish you a better evening then I had last night especially Cam, who is having major problems with medical marijuana clouding her child's bed room and sending her toddler into an asthma attack. Our state is having a vote on the issue too. Hubby is for it. I'm against. Go read her blog, Hubby. Then cast your vote.

Anyways...Good night!

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  1. (I can't stop eating here...)

    So sorry about the diaper situation (and the hubby one too... cranky hubbies are worse than cranky babies I think). I'd prob do disposable too at that point, but we really can't. Have you looked at the Doopsy diapers? I don't have one but we just got an insert and I can't wait to review it, I used it alone in one of our more prone to leaks diapers (a good one, but it needs two inserts minimum not to leak at night) and it did great. The newer version (that I want) has a hemp layer which is supposed to be good for heavy wetters. Good luck!


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