Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living without China

I'm reading this hilarious book called A Year without China and I can totally relate. It's very difficult to find anything electronic or textile wise that isn't made in China. The whole market is crawling with Chinese stuff.

Basically the book and all the sources (read here and here)I've run into say that the US no longer makes DVD players. And what's worse is that China basically makes all dvd players. This is a problem for us because our dvd player is broken. But this falls under our "can't find anything else" rule. If we can't find anything else that is not Chinese, we can purchase the Chinese-made item. In this case a dvd player. *sigh* I know I need to go pawn shopping. But I may talk Hubby into holding out for the Christmas sales when dvd players will be cheaper.

Also thought that this was totally funny, but sadly true.

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