Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mei Tais, Slings, and Wraps...Oh my!

Links for how to make...
How to make a mei tei

How to make a ring sling without sewing

Sling Sewing patterns

How to sew all baby carrier types link list

Etsy Shops that sell them

The Cocoon Wrap Mamma- I read her blog. She's expecting a new baby any day now, but her slings aren't expensive. 30 dollars

SnuggyBaby- slings and slings for kids

Baby Ette- slings and wraps

Made in the USA Major Retailer
Belle Baby Carriers- soft carrier

Side story: Went grocery shopping babywearing and a lady passed by and said to HB, "You've got the best seat in the house." :)

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