Monday, October 4, 2010

Personal stuff

Last week when I went to pick up the stuffing for the Lollidoo, I caved and bought some Greentoys blocks. The stuffing for the Lollidoo hasn't worked out *grrr*. I'm still working on that. The blocks, though, have been fun for Mammita. HB hasn't worked out how to use them yet. The blocks are very large. Some small issues are 1) they don't stay together very well. But kids like to knock things down anyway 2) they are thinner than your traditional plastic block because they are made from recycled milk jugs so if you have a throwing/steps-on things toddler or a kid who doesn't pick up after themselves you could potentially break one. Although Mammita did toss a couple around the room and they are fine. I'm still missing one block.

On a more personal note, I had a rather rough day yesterday. We've looked at our finances and we are going to have to withdraw money from an investment account to stay afloat. We're also deciding whether or not I should return to work. It all depends on Hubby's job prospects and when he graduates (soon in December or February). If we move, then that will be in a short amount of time and there is no reason for me to get a job right now. If we plan on staying here, it all depends on how much money he will be making.

Needless to say, this whole discussion took a long time (and I needed a little cry break) and HB and I went to a different church because we "missed" Mass. Technically, we didn't miss Mass. I just would never show up to Mass after it started. It's been ingrained into me since birth that you don't show up somewhere late unless you have a really good reason for it (ie flat tire, emergency, etc). Since I like close to a number of parishes, I just picked a different one that's about five minutes further from my house in the opposite direction of my parish. Their Mass times start in between my church's Mass times so it worked out great.

It was nice to go to their church. For one thing, their sanctuary is bigger and it has two cry rooms. We didn't use them, although in retrospect we should have. Usually HB is fairly quiet, but not at this church. The other reason is that they are more "traditional". For example, our church sings the Psalm straight. In the other church, they have it in the normal response style.

Plus I got to hear a different homily. When we go to Mass, we go to children's Mass so the homily is geared toward children. I get very little out of it, but HB can be noisier and not bother people. This church service was just a regular one. It was Respect Life Sunday. He discussed things like abortion, euthanasia, and suicide. You could include in that list war and capital punishment. Mostly he focused on abortion. Towards the end he was careful to say that people who have had an abortion who are repentant, are forgiven. He also said often times that we need to stand up for all unborn children regardless of the circumstances under which they were conceived.

And I think that is a really good point (well both of them are), I should tell you a story about my friend in college who had an unplanned pregnancy (or maybe I have already). The same people who condemn abortion also looked down upon her. If we want to eradicate abortion, then we need to be more loving and charitable to unplanned pregnancies or unmarried couples.

But anyway, the baby woke up early and I have a million things to do.

Oh, and black backgrounds save energy so use black on your desktop (or in this case your blog).

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  1. *hugs* We've gone through the should I get a job several times... unfortunately it never works out that I would make enough for daycare. There was one that provided it (nice right?) but I didn't get it (obviously). Is one of the reasons I spend so much time figuring out ways to save us money and earn extra when I can.


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