Saturday, October 2, 2010

Remember Liu Xiaobo

Do you remember me featuring Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese peace activist who started the Charter 08 document?

Yeah, well he's a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize and if he won, he would be the first Chinese person to do so. It would also be major egg on the face of the Chinese government. They love the Nobel Peace Prize and their potential first winner is currently locked up in a Chinese prison sentence to 11 years for subversion.

The Chinese are apparently upset about it. They've already told the committee not to award it to him. They also are in their own press, labeling him as a radical and a separatist.

Here's the article giving the details.

I sure do hope he wins. It would open up so much dialogue and maybe more people would wake up from the Chinese trance their under. China is a Communist country. They don't hold elections. They don't have the freedom to practice religion. The press is run by the government. The only thing remotely free about them is trade. That's it.

The US government really doesn't want China to be communist but they also don't want to deal with all the issues it would create with industry. They are cheap labor. We also owe them money. China could become a super power overnight if they because a democracy. I better go work on my Mandarin.

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  1. What the AP article neglected to mention is Liu Xiaobo took over $650k from the US government to advocate abolition of China's constitution.

    Under our own law (FARA), financial sponsorship by foreign power, in part or whole, substantiates foreign agent status. But such law to safeguard sovereignty doesn't apply to China, right?

    Evidence of Liu Xiaobo taking several hundred thousand dollars from the US government is available in the NED's own China grant publication.

    Now, how would we feel if China paid someone to advocate abolition of the US constitution? Give him the Nobel Peace Prize?


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