Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick Baby

This is the first time HB has been even remotely sick. Last night, I stayed up a little later to watch a movie and HB woke up crying. I went and fed him and put him to bed, but he cried harder. So I brought him down and we finished the movie. I fed him again and put him to bed.

In the middle of this hour long ordeal, I noticed he was congested big time. I could hear him swallowing mucus with the milk. This morning it was the same thing. We slept in bed together until Hubby came in at 7:30 and woke us up. I yelled at him. Not my finest sleep-deprived hour, but I did mention in the rules about me that disturbing my sleep=bad idea for you.

Now that we're fully awake. HB has a slight cough and he's still congested. I saw some snot on my breast and some when wiping his face from his solids breakfast. He has a runny nose, but won't let me use a tissue to wipe it.

I suppose that I should have seen it coming. This past weekend was hell and it hasn't gotten better. He also lost his appetite, which I know is a sign of illness. I think HB has a cold. Fortunately, Mammita is not here today. HB does have a doctor's appointment on Friday, but in the meantime I'm going to call the pedi and get advice from the nurse. You'd think this would be a no brainer, but since I've never had to deal with an infant with a cold, I'd rather ask the expert. I'll let you know what she says.

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  1. We've got it here too. It seems to be everywhere right now. Poor babies. Zavier won't let me at his nose with the bulb thing so I've been attempting tissues, they don't work so well but with the milk up the nose it helps a bit. I thought ours was gonna pass fast, everyone seemed better after the first day or two... nope. Hit again worse and Zavier's is lingering on. My FIL thinks allergies are involved and he might be right.


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