Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Story of Babywearing-Part 2

Just to give you a heads up tomorrow I will feature another celebrity peace activist who babywears. Saturday I will give you info on how to make your own mei teis, wraps, and slings and etsy sites where to find homemade ones. Monday I will discuss how using a wrap, sling, or mei tei is better for the environment. Tuesday I will talk about babywearing advocacy since it's become a hot button issue on whether or not babywearing is safe.

Back to the story...

When we first started our babywearing adventure, we wore HB a lot. He fussed a lot and so the wrap would always calmed him down and left us hands free. As he's gotten older, we've used it less. Now it's become a mode of transportation.

I wear the wrap to...Breastfeeding support group, grocery store, running errands, family outings, Palm Sunday's outside procession, Mass when he was small and fussy, etc. Most any place that I have to move around a lot, he is in it. The bank I can usually pop in quick enough to not need it and with baby story time he needs to be able to move around. We do songs and stuff in addition to the story.

I feel like a need a Dr. Seuss-ish rhyme for all the places he's been in that thing.

I've worn my wrap to the zoo
I've worn my wrap to the park
I've worn my wrap during the day
I've worn my wrap in the dark

I've worn my wrap here and there
I've worn my wrap everywhere
I can, I can Sam-I-am
I can wear my wrap, yes ma'm

I've actually showed many people how to use one. Just today at BSG another lady asked me to show her how it's done. She says she needs to see it because the directions just leave her confused.

Now I should warn you that there are times that I don't wear my wrap. I don't wear it if I'm bending over a lot like doing the dishes or the laundry. I don't wear it if I'm working out or jogging. I don't wear it if I'm working with anything potentially dangerous like eating hot soup, drinking coffee (not that I drink coffee but you get the idea), or cooking. I also don't sleep with him in it. You have to treat babywearing like carrying around your child. There are going to be times when they need to be put down. Babywearing is to help you keep your arms freer and put less weight on your arms to carry. So you should only babywear if carrying them in your arms is okay to do at that moment in time. Safety first!

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  1. LOL That's cute. I don't use mine for stuff like that either. In fact I rarely use it at home... He sits in my lap alot lol.


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