Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Story of Babywearing

Today is the start of baby wearing week. I spent the day with Mammita. It was really fun. I should post some pics on my "super secret" blog. But the evening has wound down and I have time to post my story.

Most of you know bits and pieces of my this story, but here are more details.

I set up a baby registry before quitting my job and for the life of me, I can't remember if I put a stroller on there. I think I put a baby carrier, but honestly I never thought about how I was going to transport the baby.

When I stopped working and stayed home, I started getting into blogging. Mostly because I was bored. There are only so many hours in a day that a hugely pregnant lady can clean her house and set up stuff. It was on the internet that I heard of the phenomenon of babywearing.

Let me digress a bit here. My condo is 936 square feet with many "dead" areas. We have a staircase (which doesn't count in square footage) and underneath said staircase is dead space. We've used it for storage and we've manage to squeeze in a narrow bookcase and the baby's "prison" aka play pen. It's a pain to walk under because it's slanted.

Above the staircase is more dead space. We have a hallway that connects the bathroom, two bedrooms, and linen closet. It's great that it's big enough to move furniture around (although at the time you curse that it's not bigger), but generally speaking, it's dead space and you can't fit anything in it.

We also have a walk-in closet which has dead space. I can't exactly describe it, but it's slanted on one side. We've had to get creative with that space too.

Needless to say, from all this you can tell that we have to use our space practically as much as possible. So the idea that something that can fit in a diaper bag will carry a baby as opposed to a stroller which is bulkier and takes up space sounded more appealing to hubby and I.

We also decided to give it a try because a wrap or a sling is not very expensive. I think the wrap I bought was 35 dollars.

I did a little digging and bought a wrap and a bag sling. At first I used the bag sling. It was easy and convenient for moving HB around in a store or at church. I loved it until....

Until it was recalled. The only option they sent me was a Mei Tei. I've never used it. Acts just like a wrap with more hassle. So I went to using the wrap, which I love.

I would like a sling. A ring sling would be nice. My bag sling was adjustable so Hubby could babywear too. But honestly, the wrap works just fine. If I really want to, I have a shawl that I can tie a knot in and use to hip carry HB. A lady at BSG demonstrated this one day. I might do that at church because the boy gets really squirmy and my arms start to hurt. But there I go again, another digression.

Tomorrow, I'll give you more details as to the where, when, and to what extent I use my wrap.

Oh, and those pics on the header are me and HB on the left and HB and Hubby on the right. I'm forward carrying HB. He's roughly 2 months there. The pic with Hubby and HB is showing a back carry. I'd advise a spotter when using a back carry. HB was about 3 1/2 months there.

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  1. I want a mei tai lol. I've heard they're good for bigger babies... and Zavier is over 18 lbs now. We're guessing he'll be 20 by next month (if he grows at the same rate until then) and a 20lb 6 month old? Eek. Kalila was only 17 or 18 at a year.

    Anyways, I love our sleepy wrap... but I'm wondering how it'll hold up as he grows. And Jas won't use it... However... if I get a Star Wars Mei Tai.... that's another story. So guess what I'm getting him for his bday next month? LOL

    Question, how did yall get the back carry? Everything I've read says that's a nono with this wrap. Does it seem to work well anyway?

  2. I haven't used a back carry only Hubby has. You just tie it on backwards and have the other person put the baby in and out. It seemed fine. There are a number of youtube videos showing how you can do a back carry solo, but they're all with older kids 1 yrs and older.

    The mei tai I have gives instructions on how to do a back carry solo, but the baby has to at least be able to sit up on their own. I haven't tried it yet. The wrap is working for now.

    But like you said, it will probably come into use when he's a toddler. That or I'll get a stroller. Not sure about that though.

  3. Personally I don't care for strollers, but you might. We have 3 and I think its a waste. Jas really likes them though.

  4. Love the green wrap! Ring slings are my fave for smaller babies, too.



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