Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What the nurse says...

I'm waiting for the sleepy face, but I haven't seen it yet. He should be getting a nap soon.

The nurse thinks it's a cold too (judging by what I've said). She said that we couldn't give anything except tylenol for pain because of his age. She suggested using the bulb thingy to suck the mucus out. She also said if it got thick to use saline drops and suck those out. She said to put a towel underneath the mattress to elevate it and to use a cold mist humidifier at night (we bought one before birth, it's still in the box). Other than that we have to wait it out.

I guess that I need to send Hubby a shopping list and to just stay home today. I don't think grocery shoppers want to catch a cold.

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  1. Aww *hugs*

    Yeah those sound like all the instructions we got too. Btw you can use breastmilk in place of the saline drops.


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