Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's your sign?

Mine is congestion and a sore throat. Hubby's is a sore throat and HB has a cough and a runny nose with lots of congestion. We're sick. Stay away if you don't want a cold. Okay not that far away. I mean com'on. How are you going to get sick in your own home typing at your computer?

Anyways...for those of you who chart and for those of you who are interested in charting because 1) you know that your curious if it really works because "everybody says" including your doctor that it doesn't (well they're wrong) 2) you're pregnant again despite being on the pill and think it's because you're part rabbit 3) you want to figure out why your periods are behaving the way they do (I don't get all this cramping and severe pain) 4) you want a baby but try as you might ;) you can't get pregnant then go ahead and chart. Hey, it won't kill you. It's an all natural non-invasive way to figure out what's going on with your body. And no, we won't make you pee in a cup.

To get started, I would suggest looking at a few books. I've already reviewed one Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but there are others including a free one (they ask for a donation). After you've looked at the literature, I also suggest a class. Many Catholic churches offer classes for a fee. If you are not Catholic, you minister may be able to direct you to resources in your area (although truthfully I don't know very many ministers who endorse NFP or charting).

Edit: I should mention that in my area it is the Catholic hospitals that offer classes. I'm sure there are Catholic churches too, but a hospital might be a nice alternative to those who want a less dogmatic perspective.

Also there are a number of free or partially free websites that can help you chart. free and allows you to make comments about your temp and whatnot. sends reminders via e-mail or text. does not allow you to tell it when you are futile but it is run by a student who does take suggestions. basic service and a premium upgrade. Can change your fertility settings and will allow you to chart your BBT (basal body temperature) under premium upgrade. They also will send you reminders free basic charting and premium upgrade for more tracking features. based on the book by the same name it allows you free access to the paper route of charting and a free online access, you can also download a free 15 day trial charting program for your pc

hormonalforecaster- allows you free downloads for your pc, online, your palm pilot or pocket pc to chart

So go check em' out. Don't knock it til you try it.


  1. :-) I don't know of any ministers either, but a growing number of non-Catholics are doing this. I love it... even if I'm having a hard time getting back in the hang of it this time. I see a few links I haven't seen before so I'm gonna have to check those out. Thanks!

  2. Re: Non Catholics and NFP, from what I understand, those who teach it are glad to teach it to those interested.

  3. Catholicmumma- oh, I'm not saying that a Catholic wouldn't teach it to a non-Catholic, but I think a non-Catholic might feel more comfortable learning it from someone in their own denomination. There are moments in non-denominational groups where I wish that it was more Catholic oriented because the subject matter is bordering on uncomfortable. Although I've never been to a class, I am sure that Catholic dogma does come up in some of the NFP classes. I think if a person wants to seek out NFP information than that's what it should strictly be about. Otherwise, as I said, a person may feel uncomfortable or alienated.


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