Monday, October 4, 2010

Where's fall?

My laptop touch pad is giving me issues. I tried to disable it but for some strange reason the place to do so is missing. It's like it's not even being registered by the computer except it is, because I keep taping it accidentally while I type.

Oh, we did fix the garbage disposal. There wasn't a reset switch, but we managed to find the adjustment hole at the very bottom and used the allen wrench to fix it. Hubby is working on fixing our dvd player (it stopped working for some reason so he is trouble shooting). And we've given up on the laptop issue.

Uh, oh. We've killed the dvd player. Hubby has announced that it was made guessed it...China. *sigh* Glad that the cd in it was only a children's one. We can go to a pawn shop and buy a new one. That or get it repaired although I doubt that it's worth it. For now we can use his XBox.

Anyways...people have been talking about fall. On blogger, I've heard people talk about long sleeves and sweaters etc (dang it touch pad). It's not fall here. Someone joked around that where I live has four seasons: spring, fall, summer, and summer (no that wasn't my touch pad this time). Although this past September is now on record as being the hottest September on record. Just last week we reached 104 F. And today the high was 92 F. So HB and I don summer wear. HB looks particularly dashing in t-shirts and diapers.

So I ask you fellow bloggers, where is this fall you speak of because I just don't see it?

Oh, I hate how things seem to break and yearly bills are all due in October. When it rains it pours. Perhaps I'll sign up for blogger's ad ware. Sucks, but it's something.

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  1. We're just starting to get fall here.. the past two days and only for parts of the day lol.

    I never got a thing from Adware. The other things online.. surveys, Swagbucks.. all that yea, but not adware.


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