Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another find

I found another place that makes baby/toddler proofing stuff in the US. I was looking for those foam corners for the stairs and came across Kidkusion at Lowe's. Flipped over the box expecting to see another "Made in China" knowing that I needed to buy it regardless of where it was made and saw "Made in the USA". Was so happy. I went to their website and they make a number of other stuff. I'm hoping that they'll make plug covers and stuff because I hate buying Saftey 1st etc. products that are all "Made in China." It's really hard to find anything plastic not made in China. What would tickle me pink is wooden plug covers and drawer/cabinet latches. But it's a fantasy of mine just to make my own despite the fact that I know nothing about wood carving or wood working. In the meantime, you can find Kidkusion stuff at Target and Walmart (go figure). Oh, and most of their stuff is made right here at home.

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  1. Nice! I need a few babyproofing things so I'll keep this in mind. We were given some hand me downs and almost none were usable lol.


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