Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bangs and Bangs

So Saturday I cut myself a fringe of bangs. I wanted to do something different with my hair. Marilyn is wanting to put highlights in it so dying is out of the question. And if I cut it too short, my hair will get pulled so I need to keep it long to be able to pull it back. The only alternative was to cut bangs. I haven't had bangs since junior high so they aren't doing so well. They keep parting like the Red Sea. But at least I didn't look like a Mennonite at Mass last Sunday. :)

The other bang deals with Hubby. So our dvd player died with a cd stuck in it. Last Saturday was HW pick-up (Hazardous Waste) and since dvd players and other electronic things have heavy metals in them, they have to be taken to HW. Hubby decided to get the cd out of the dvd player by demoing the dvd player with a screw driver. His intent was to pull the thing apart without having to undo the 5 screws in it. The screw driver slipped and ended up sticking itself into Hubby's left hand. It wasn't deep enough or wide enough of a gash to garner stitches, but he must of hit the nerve because he still can't feel one of his fingers. He went to the dr today who was more concerned about infection. Don't worry, there's no sign of infection. Men and demolishing things *sigh*

And I've had a crazy week. Oddly, I'm not too tired. I was expecting to feel as bad as last week, but I'm doing okay. I haven't had any kind of a break much today. I ended up doing round robin with nap time this week. It's gone basically like this: two children down for nap, one child up (the baby), then one child down for nap and the other child up. So at some point I've had one or two children to contend with and I will say it's especially hard to get them to stay quiet enough downstairs to let the child upstairs sleep in peace. Physically it's tiring, but you live.

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  1. Ouch! Hope he's ok. And understood on wanting to change hair... I'm bad about that. Bangs and I don't work so well but I've tried them a few times.

    *hugs* on the busy week. I think after awhile the tired starts going away, you just get used to the new schedule. I can't wait until mine does that. Needed kick in the backside lol. A couple of my days will start at 5 once she starts coming though and that's a bit daunting. Oh well :-D


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