Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lately I've seen a few bloggers talking about their apprehensive over female altar servers. Officially, girls are allowed to serve in the RCR (Roman Catholic Rite) as long as there is a shortage or lack of male altar servers. This rule also applies to lectors, EMs (Eucharist or Extraordinary Ministers), and greeters. The Church wants these positions held for men or boys to encourage them to consider the priest hood. Since the Church only excepts males into the priest hood, girls are a lower priority. This all makes sense to me.

Why am I talking about this? Well, in case you weren't aware, HB is a boy. Sunday, we gave a friend a ride to the airport and before we left we had lunch with him. Hubby was talking about saving money for HB so he can use it for college, or to buy a house. And I piped up and said or to pay for seminary since priests-to-be have to pay for it themselves or receive help. Hubby gave me this look like I had grown two heads. He said that it would be fine for him to be a priest but I shouldn't push him into it.

First of all there's a distinction between supporting and discussing things and pushing for things. HB and God have to decide all that, but I'm not going to be one of those parents who never talks about being a priest. Or who discourages the idea because they want grand kids or it's not "normal." Making it a viable option I think is fine.

I'm hoping that HB will at least be interested in serving at Mass. Then maybe we wouldn't have this issue of using girls/women so much. And we could beef up the priesthood. But that's my two cents. As I said, it's not up to me what HB's vocation is. It's just my job to make sure that it is available to him.

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  1. Agreed. Thankfully my hubby does too so non issue here... The alter server part may just be though.

    Our boys, no question, will be encouraged (strongly encouraged) to be alter servers. Jas was one... He has very strong feelings on the subject. Our girls though... I was raised Roman & with girl alter servers. I remember wanting to be one (wasn't Baptized at the time). But they've only been allowed in the Maronite Catholic Church for about 4 years or so... It was sometime within the first year I was here (I moved 5 years ago?). Despite being raised seeing them all the time... It hit me as weird and I'm still not used to it here lol. Jas on the other hand... Not thrilled with the idea. If Kalila wants to be one... I don't know that he'd put a stop to it, but it won't be encouraged and there'd prob be a lot of talk beforehand.


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