Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today has been crazy. Had a fight with Hubby and toddler issues including one who gave her milk to HB and he started to drink it. I don't think he got much before I took it away. Anyways...

I reluctantly got into a discussion at the Catholic Phoenix. Initially it was about pacifists not being pro-lifers. I waited for someone for someone to chime in that this is not always the case, but nobody did so I did. Then it turned into a discussion about my personal beliefs about war. I answered them. Next thing I know I'm being "charitably" told that I'm not a Catholic.

I don't think it's charitable to tell anyone that they aren't a Catholic even if they go against teachings or disagree on such issues. As far as I know, there have only been two infallible teachings from the Pope besides what's in the Bible. One can conclude, therefore, that all other teachings or those that aren't explicit in the Bible are up for debate. Popes change the rules often. We went from Mass being told only in Latin to the vernacular and from no birth control measures whatsoever to NFP. I challenge anyone to tell their BC friends that they aren't Catholic. It's rude and definitely uncharitable. We're not to judge another's heart. But there you have it I was told that I was not Catholic. Granted I've known that the blog is not charitable.

Also you can see the diversity of the Catholicism in the other rites, Eastern churches, and the plain Catholics, etc. Diversity should be celebrated and dialogue encouraged.

Furthermore, no one to my knowledge, who was a war hero, is a saint. On the contrary, conscientious objects and pacifists such as St. Martin de Tours and St. Francis of Assisi are saints.

That being said, I've spoken about this problem before, but I truly think there are some Pharisees in our church. They miss the kind intentions of the person holding hands during prayers or blessing children during Mass. We are not all canon law scholars for one thing. And Jesus taught us to follow the spirit rather than the letter of the law.

I love the church, but I love Jesus even more and if comes down to it I pick Jesus every time. Jesus did not defend himself. He died for you, me, sinners, his enemies, etc.

I understand that the CCC illustrates a just war and perhaps there have been some historically, but some Muslims used that logic with 911. What is a just war and has that really happened? Most of the time war is fought over money. And that's what happening now. And that is why I feel that the term is used much too liberally. Therefore, I can't support the just war theory as it has been used in modern terms. I honestly think there is only one just war if you follow that rule, and that is in defense of oneself. We haven't had anyone attack us on home turf since maybe you could say 1942. Hawaii as you'll recall was a territory.

To add insult to injury, I was also told that I wasn't being insulted which my understanding of insulting a person is about how a person's receives information as well as how it was given. And once a person starts down that road of turning discussion into an argument rather than inquiry, I leave it. I'm not too worried about my soul. I don't think people are saved simply because of the issue of war. In fact, I would venture to say believing in war or being war-hungry, would put you in the hot house. So I find that particular remark laughable. But the part about sticking my fingers in my ears and walking away sounds too much like a slap in the face and saying that I'm childish. I'm not walking away from this discussion because I don't like what the person is saying. I'm walking away because the person attacked me personally and that's a low blow. You don't tell a person their not Catholic and expect them to continue a discussion with you in a Catholic forum. So to denys, sorry, but unless you want to play by the rules of decorum, you won't find me saying one peep again.

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  1. :-/ Yeah you just don't say that to someone. I'm sorry that happened to you!


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