Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm guessing that all my rants about China has struck a cord with people. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Chinese people. I typically spend time sitting next to a lovely couple whose four year son introduced his parents as a "real China man and a real Korean." I wonder sometimes how the dad would feel if I told him that I boycott Chinese-made goods. Although since we're both Catholic, he might understand why I am doing this.

On that note, I've also been looking at Christmas books. Most of the children's board books are printed in China. I read someone else's musings. They were wondering what the Chinese printers in China think when they print these books. Obviously, there is no allowed religion in main China (although there is in a few select regions). Are they told that Jesus is a US fairy tale? Are they told that Jesus is some fake religion like Greek Mythology? It makes me wonder too.

And too top it off, all things kid and cheap are made in China. Leading the masses of the poor to buy Chinese goods because that's all they can afford.

My mother-in-law went looking for an ornament for the baby for his 1st Christmas and to her chagrin discovered their weren't any made in the US. She mentioned it to the sales person who didn't realize it either. We've lost our sense of American made in loo of Chinese-made. Chinese don't celebrate Christmas but we do. Yet, they make our ornaments. Hummm....

She didn't buy the ornament. She told me that it felt good to stand up for something. It does doesn't it. I think that all the time. Look, I bought something made in the US. I kept a few good working men and women in jobs. Yay, go me!! Now they can have Christmas and Thanksgiving with their families instead of worrying about staying off welfare or what they are going to get their kids for Christmas.

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  1. I'll admit I'm not as good about this as you, but I've been noticing it more too. Its hard not finding Chinese things sometimes.

    Good job :-)


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