Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cracker Fiend

There's a cracker fiend lurking in my house and his name is HB. We started him on table type foods even though he has no teeth about a month ago. And since then his favorite foods have changed to the bread variety: toast, bagel, and especially crackers. At first we had to break off pieces of cracker for him to grab and eat, but not anymore. The smarty pants has figured out how to bite the stuff off. He also insists upon bigger pieces of toast and bagel too. Otherwise he plays with it. I'm afraid to introduce gold fish. He already loves chex and of course the puff puffs.

He also prefers to sit or stand these days instead of creep. He stands in his crib, stands at the coffee table, and at this toy table thingy that Jesse lent us. He's starting to look like a toddler and less like a baby complete with shaking his head no.

Well gotta go. I'm trying to keep him from messing with the keyboard.

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  1. Awww!

    I haven't decided if I'm looking forward to introíng those things or not lol. Its pretty amazing how much a kid can eat w/out teeth isn't it? I really thought Z'd have them by now since we've been able to see them pretty much from the start, but nope.. still right there at his gums. Kalila was on her way to a full mouth of them by this age!

    Standing does seem to be more fun than crawling/scooting here too. I need to write a post about that.. Z's making me laugh with it.


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