Saturday, November 27, 2010


There's a war going on. Okay that one too. No, I mean a war that you're not aware of. If you buy frozen fish or seafood of any sort, chances are it's Chinese.

Today, I went looking for catfish, a staple in a Mississippians diet. The fillets of the two different brands were both "product of China." The US pretty much allows China to send only frozen seafood, as far as food is concerned. The catfish nuggets were "product of the USA."

So where's the war? Ah....well in case you didn't know, I grew up in Mississippi. What you might not have realized is that Mississippi borders the Gulf and so Mississippi has a seafood industry. Well...that is until BP had a leak and ruined it. So now China can take over the market in seafood. Well sorta...we have other seafood areas.

And Catfish is a fresh water fish. And I bet you didn't know this but the number one producer and number one exporter in the US of catfish is....Mississippi. Which is why no up-to-snuff real live Mississippian would ever touch Chinese catfish. Ever. I wouldn't eat the stuff before I went on a no-China tirade.

In Mississippi, up north, you will see along with the cotton field very large ponds with which what look like some sort of turbine things called aerators. Those are catfish ponds. And they dot the landscape.

So why do we import fish from China? It's clear across the world. Why don't we support the industries we have here at home? It doesn't make sense.

So please, next time you buy fish or seafood. Check the bag. If it says "China", put it back. Grab the one that says, "Product of the USA" and support your fellow Americans. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for the tip... I haven't even bought catfish in forever, isn't Jas' fav (I love it though). The only one I'd really paid attention to is making sure Salmon is Alaskan. Didn't even think about China playing into it :-/

  2. woops...just now realized I meant frozen not fresh. Usually fresh is from somewhere close by.

  3. wow more typos...I need to stop posting while making dinner.


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