Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Judging One Another

I've recently read a blog article celebrating large families. I commend people who do have large families. I think that that is a blessing. Unfortunately not all people are that blessed. Some can't, for whatever reason, have large families. Yet, while I think it's great to praise it, I think it's wrong to condemn those who choose or have small families. And in some ways, I can see it being all too easy to look down upon a person for having a small family. People need to be careful about what they say.

Similarly, I read another blog post by a priest who briefly brought up marriage as being a one time sacrament. He added an emoticon with a smiling wink. I mentioned that that could be construed as a offensive. I also mentioned that many people celebrate the sacrament more than once. My grandfather-in-law has been married twice. His first wife died. And in an age where war has killed many men, people have had many affairs, people have simply left their spouse, or a person has beat their spouse, I think that the priest's sentiment is tantamount to a slap in the face. One shouldn't judge. I suggested changing his wording to hoping that a person is blessed enough to only have to celebrate the sacrament once. Or something to that effect. Being a widow or widower and then remarrying is a blessing too. And to celebrate the sacrament twice is a blessing too.

I guess that you can tell that I want to bridge the abyss between ultra-conservative Catholic to ultra-liberal Catholic. And I guess you could say that I want to take up Jesus's moto of not judging.

Just as I wish people in the Church would understand my conscious objector status (the Bishops saying to respect a fellow family member who opts out of war). I will not look down upon a person's decision to disagree with me. It's their choice and their faith journey.

I understand that as Catholics we are one body and so people take this to mean that we must rid ourselves of all disease. But we are not a perfect body. Nor do I think that having a disease is horrible. Catching something can make you immune to more worse atrocities/diseases. We have managed to weather many storms and learn from our mistakes as a Catholic body (sex abuse scandal, the inquisition, etc.) Let us be charitable to each other when we have a cold. It's part of growing up.

And even more importantly, let us not tout ourselves around like peacocks because we've only been married once or have a huge family. Be mindful that not everyone has been so blessed. It may be a cross that they are carrying and we as a community need to remember that we are carrying it along with them.

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  1. There's a lot I wanted to say here, but... yeah. I might come back to it lol. Great post though.

    Anyways the last point really jumps out at me because I have a friend who has POF. I've seen all sorts of comments from every side (mostly online thankfully) and I knew there was always another side to it, but esp after watching her go through this it really drove that home.


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