Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've learned a lot about working from home. You have to get your hubby to help out around the house more or you won't get enough sleep. You feel more motivated to clean your house at night because people are actually going to see it in the morning. Dishes pile up quickly along with painting supplies and coloring pages. The trash needs to be taken out especially since I have a healthy supply of stinky disposable diapers. Toddler poop smells. It's oh so tempting just to turn on the tv so instead I use songs. I can only stand hearing row row row your boat, wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider so many times a day before I switch over to classical. I hate baby gates or rather having to step over one to go into the kitchen. I needed another cabinet lock because I was going bald. I finally put up some foam over the edges on the stair case. Who decides to put up a metal stair case with straight edges anyway? I've even have cut my scalp simply by standing up. Microwave ovens are awesome when making lunches.

Went to Lowe's today and there was a lady with a heavy southern accent. I almost asked her where she was from but then I thought that I would have to tell her that I was from Mississippi. This always leads to a discussion no matter where I go. The first thing people say is "Oh, you must have not been born there/raised there because you don't have an accent." Wrong. I lived there until I was 21 and I was born there. Next thought "Oh, well you must have lost it quickly." No, never had the accent. "What?" Yeah, I'm the only southern girl on the planet that never has had an accent. I'm a freak so what. The only lame excuse that I can come up with is that my parents were not born in the south and don't really have accents either. My mom was an air force base brat and lived everywhere and my dad is from Boston. I suppose that it is true that they had a large bit of why I don't have a southern accent. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told my dad that I was a cute Yankee girl. Dad had to tell her that I was born there. I don't think that she believed him.

It kinda gets aggrevating to have to explain the lack of accent. Nobody cares if you're from Boston or New Jersey and don't have an accent, but it's to be expected that you get one as soon as you land on southern rock. So I just don't tell anyone unless they ask. As far as they know I'm from the desert and have lived her all my life. But geez, what's wrong with never acquiring or desiring an accent from your origin of birth?

The power of saying no is also cropping up. Usually people ask me to do something and I will tell them yes or no. Although today I received an e-mail basically listing me as a coordinator. What?! I told them already that I couldn't committ to this whole day long affair because I have a child that is exclusively breastfed and doesn't take a bottle. Doesn't take a pacificer for the matter either. And while I could bring him, where do they want me to settle him down for a nap? Because he doesn't do well with sleeping on the cold hard floor and we don't have a carrier or a stroller. *sigh* I just graciously explained why I couldn't help out to that extent. I'm sure that I'll be yelled at for my lack of committment. I don't care. My family comes first. I've been committed to this for a long time so they can't say that I don't care.

Hope that your week is going great. Blessings.


  1. *hugs*

    I get comments for not having on either. My hubby teases me when I get tired or mad and one of the two I was raised with comes out, so either way its a no win situation.

    I am not looking forward to the sposies when I start sitting. She's not a toddler, but going on formula soon (or full time on it soon) and started solids so I get the nasties too. Am looking forward to having more motivation though. Right now I'm just tired. And have a cranky baby.

  2. fortunately both were breast fed so they are used to seeing the girls. One was weaned recently (she's almost 2) and the other one was weaned at HB's age for some reasons that I'm not at liberty to speak about.

    The sposies are okay....they're potty training so...

  3. Yeah the girl I'm sitting is Zavier's age so I'm not worried about her seeing it (wouldn't to begin with).. was just commenting on the smells that will come off of both solids and formula. Even her mom has commented on the change. And since she'll be 8 months old, no potty training in sight lol. I'm gonna have to figure out a system for that. I used to have a diaper genie but I sold it.

  4. dump the poop in the toilet. It gets rid of the smell and any garbage can with a lid will at least keep it from permeating a room.


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