Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prince and Princess

I call Happy and Mammita Princess Happy and Princess Mammita respectively. I've heard some saying about as Christians we are daughters of the King therefore we are Princesses. The girls love it and when their behavior goes awry I remind that that it was not princess behavior.

Disney has announced that it will no longer pursue princess movies or fairy tales for that matter. I'm actually glad because as I've spoken about in one post the princess movies have problems. Just a brief recap, my big gripe is how the parents are portrayed and how the princesses behave.

To update, I have actually watched the Princess and the Frog movie. This is the only Disney movie I liked. The Princess is an adult, she's hard working, and she has a good relationship with her parents. The Prince, on the other hand, is portrayed as being lazy and a player so his parents have cut him off financially. He comes to New Orleans hoping to marry someone rich, but learns from the Princess (who doesn't start off as a princess) that hard work and love are more important than money. It's a good movie. If more Disney movies were like this one, then I would say that they should keep producing them.

It does seem a bit strange that Disney who has made a small fortune on everything Princess (Princess monopoly, Princess costumes, Princess coloring books, etc) wants to stop going that route. They have said that they are trying to appeal to a wider audience (ie boys) which makes one wonder what new unvalues (to use a very Disney Alice and Wonderland phrase) they want to teach boys next.

I'll still call my child Prince HB (in relation to his unsisters Princesses) but I'm leery about what kind of values Disney is going try to instill in him. Hopefully Pixar, which is owned by Disney, will continue to make movies with good values in them. I guess we'll all have to see.

In the meantime, I'll pre-screen Tangled when it comes out on dvd and decide whether it's worth it or not. I have my suspicions that it's not.


  1. Yeah my Dh and I have discussed this too... P&F was great. We love that movie and are glad its Kalila's fav. We do allow the other ones... but still its by far the best. I still need to watch Sleeping Beauty (never have), Dh says its pretty religious (says the prince is a symbol of St. George). No clue but I'm curious lol.

  2. I'm not sure that it's religious. The original fairy tale is very graphic (instead of a kiss it's rape). Of course, Disney is tamer. The part where the Prince goes and challenges the evil Queen who turns herself into a dragon is similar to St. George, but that's the only religious element. The rest I would say follows the fairy tale (other than the rape part).

  3. I just wanted to point out that the "rape", while technically correct, wasn't malevolent. Yes he had sex with her without her consent (she was in a deep sleep), but that was how the spell was broken so...

    Well, actually the spell was broken by childbirth, but same idea.

  4. Like I said, I haven't seen it yet. We bought it, but... just haven't had time. I really don't want to put it on for Kalila until I have. Beyond the normal reasons, Jas says she's too young for it. She's not scared by P&F (love her reaction to the Shadow Man, she goes on about him being bad)so he's rethinking it, but we'll see.


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