Monday, November 8, 2010

Watch out Dannon

Dannon better watch out because I don't need to buy them anymore. Remember I said that I was going to make yogurt in my crock pot. Just did yesterday/today.

I followed the website's directions and used my 6 quart and a starter of Stonyfield Organic Plain Yogurt (expensive stuff). Add my 1/2 gal of whole milk (pasteurized only) and voila! Yogurt.

Woke up this morning unwrapped my crockpot. Looked like yogurt. Took a spoon and stirred it. Felt like yogurt. Dipped in a finger and gave a taste. Tasted like tangy yogurt. Yatta!(Japanese for I did it.)

I filled up three and a half spaghetti size glass jars and put them in the fridg. Tonight I'm going to blend in peaches, blackberry, and blueberrry into three different jars. The small one I'm going to attempt my hand at vanilla (which uses vanilla extract and sugar).

It's soupier than dannon who add gelatin to make it firmer. But it's good ol' fashioned yogurt. I know what's in it. And there's like a ton of it (which I will have to freeze). It's oh, so cheap and oh, so easy. Give it a try. Trust me. No need for tons of yogurt cups again. Next to try is kefir which is similar to make as yogurt.

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  1. I'm half afraid to try making yogurt. It took me forever to like the stuff and I'm very picky. I don't like Dannon. Only Yoplait. Unfortunately it has HFCS so I'm not exactly happy about that. We get Lubne (Kefir)pretty often, but other than with meat occasionally I can't bring myself to eat it lol.


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