Friday, November 26, 2010


This week seems like a very long extended party weekend. For one thing, I've been nursing a cold so has HB. So the beginning of the week dragged on. Then yesterday, we went to one Thanksgiving gathering. Today we went to another. In fact, HB and I left and Hubby went back. HB had to go to bed and was very out of sorts. Hubby dropped us off and went back to play games.

I'm a bit worried about my little man. He hardly ate anything today and fussed a lot. He had a nasty runny nose so I think he wasn't feeling well.

Tomorrow I have to drag out the tree because Advent starts Sunday. This year I'm going to have the girls work on a Jesse tree. Happy's last week is next week so we will all be sad. Marilyn, Happy, and Nate are all moving to Nate's new job. So most of my Advent activities will involve only Mammita but that's okay.

Hubby plans to start working on Saturdays so he can get a lot of his conference posters and abstracts worked on along with his dissertation. Since Mammita only drops in three days a week at the most, I figure that's fine. I can take back over some of my original chores.

Anyways...back to Advent. Advent is my favorite time of year. In some Eastern Catholic churches, it is also a time of fasting. But I'm Roman Rite, so we will indulge, I'm afraid. My goal is to set up some family traditions since Hubby is not interested in that sort of thing and I'm the only one who gets into it.

First up, Jesse tree. Everyday a new ornament to be made, a verse to be read, and O come, o come Emanuel to be played. I don't think we'll do lighted candles. Too dangerous with a toddler and a baby. The goal is to use my Christmas tree for the ornaments. Then on Christmas Eve when all the children are sleeping, remove the Jesse tree ornaments and put up the Christmas decor. I heard that as being a tradition and I think it rocks.

Edit: Okay, Irony. I was posting my post when I noticed Cams. Actually want to make simple Jesse Tree ornaments. I found a few sites that you can print off black and white. I'm going to color or have the girls color a picture and then glue it cardboard wrapped with wrapping paper. Then I'll punch a hole at the top and add ribbon. Here's the site. It's not Catholic, but it works. I did find a Catholic site that has the ornaments so that you can print them, but it's not as fun as toddlers coloring. If the girls were older we could do glitter and stuff like that. I'm going to use their reflections though.

Also want to put out shoes for small presents on St. Nicholas Day which is Dec. 6th. HB actually needs a new pair of shoes so I think St. Nicholas may bring the poor boy some shoes. And maybe some crackers since he loves those things.

St. Lucy's Day is Dec. 13th. I'm not exactly sure how to incorporate that since it usually involves Candles but maybe I'll put up the tree lights on that day.

Dec. 25 Mass and of course the ornaments.

January 6th Epiphany and finally presents. Yep, we'll probably wait that long for actual presents. I want to make Christmas about Jesus's birth and family whereas Epiphany about gifts and blessings. I want to get some chalk and dip it into the holy water font so I can write on my door 20 + C+ M + B + 11. It's supposed to be the three traditional names of the wise men: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar or it can the abbreviation of in Latin: Christ bless this house.

Hubby may not indulge the switch of presents on Epiphany instead, but oh, well. I don't expect that Hubby and I will get anything for ourselves anyway. It's more for HB.

Yes, it all sounds very European. Hubby's family is largely German and I'm mostly Polish so it works for us. And you may have noticed that there is no Santa. Last year we talked about this and I know that I blogged about it, but we can't lie to the dear boy. Santa isn't real. St. Nick was a real person, but he's dead now. And he's day is on Dec. 6th not Dec. 25. So that's what we're going to tell him.

So what are your plans this year? Are you interested in starting new traditions or what are your favorite ones that you do now?

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  1. This is a big issue here. Our Advent started 2 weeks ago... I put the tree up then (and it promptly fell over, a leg is missing), but I have no other idea on what to do because therés no book of Maronite Advent traditions and my hubby didn't grow up with any. I'm pretty sure fasting is supposed to be involved (from what I've read) but noone here or at the Church does it. For a couple years I tried to adapt the Advent wreath (add candles) and it didn't work well. Last year I gave up. This year I'm bringing it back, 4 candles & Roman readings. I figure hey, I was raised Roman they can learn a bit of it right?! :-D Besides, I loved the Advent Wreath. I've thought about Jesse Trees too but never done one.

    As for feast days... Our Lady of Guadalupe is big here. I'd like to do something for St. Nick too. Epiphany for us is something completely different oddly enough (Baptism) so gifts that day doesn't work so well, we thought about it though.

    We are doing Santa though. Sorry! :-D We also do the little Elf on a Shelf tradition w/ him (only its our Christmas Moose named Chocolate Mousse). Goofy yes. And lying to the kids, but we loved Santa and don't want to take that from them. As soon as they ask though... I'm not drawing it out.


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