Monday, December 20, 2010


HB was in agony Sunday morning through evening. Poor fellow. He was teething I'm assuming because he had all those symptoms you hear about: diarrhea, mild fever, moaning, whining, clingy-ness. He was even wanting Hubby to hold him to my shock. He loves Hubby but his choice is usually me. It was really hard to console him so much so that Hubby suggested that if he had another bad night that we should take him to the pediatrician because he shouldn't have been that upset.

It all started at 1 in the morning with him waking up every hour. Hubby finally came in at 5 in the morning (we were trading off) and said we needed to get the poor boy oragel. I suggested using Tylenol until we got enough sleep. So he took several doses of that throughout the day. Then last night I went looking for oragel at 9pm. You'd think that it would be easy to find, but I ended up finding it at walgreens (the 3rd location) shortly before they closed. I found regular oragel, but not baby oragel so...I went around. We haven't used it yet because he was okay. I figured on using it at night if he feels bad and Tylenol during the day.

So I'm guessing a tooth or two will appear shortly before his birthday since I've also heard that it take several weeks before anything happens. I'm kinda glad that he's finally really teething because I didn't want to have to deal with going to a dentist and x-rays and poking and prodding. I'd rather do that when he has a tooth.

But at the same time, I felt bad for him because he really insisted on snuggling with me in order to sleep yesterday. And that's not normal for him. He likes snuggling but he's also content to sleep in his own bed. And as exhausted as he was he cried and cried until I would hold him so he could sleep. I suppose it was science in the making since I've read reports about studies that show that people who are touched (message, held, etc) need less pain medication and recover faster than those who aren't.

But he's fine today so we're going shopping. I intended to do that yesterday so I could get his vaccines today, but he felt so bad yesterday. As for the vaccines, I thought it best to hold off until another date. The health department gives them on Mondays and the third Sat of the month. I can go another time. Oddly, the charge you 15 dollars for one shot and 25 for two, but they won't turn you away if you can't pay. Humm... my tax dollars are working great aren't they? (if you can't tell I'm being sarcastic). And what's more is I'm going to the health department because my pedi doesn't want to deal with my insurance who won't reimburse her. I'm wondering if I can file a claim with the insurance myself. I'll have to ask the health department about that because I think it's ridiculous that I pay taxes so that low income families can vaccinate and then I pay insurance to vaccinate my child and then I have to pay to vaccinate my child myself. I'm getting hit twice essentially for the same vaccines.

I did find some interesting news about the insurance carrier. The student's at the U get Aetna (which is what we have) and the faculty and staff get something else which is better. The U was planning to put everyone on Aetna but the faculty/staff protested and created a hoopla over the whole thing that they are still with the other carrier. Now if only the students would complain....


  1. Have you looked into the amber necklaces or bracelets? I really want to get one for Zavier. We've been using Hylands and it works really well but still... I've heard good things about the amber. Hope HB gets to feeling better soon though! Teething is rough.

    Is odd (to me) that you have trouble with Aetna paying stuff... We have it to and have had no problems w/ it covering our kids... beyond one mixup that they fixed easily. We did have an issue over a Rhogam shot, but thankfully the BC took care of that w/ them and got it squared away. Not that I particularly like our insurance lol.. just that I haven't heard of people having that bad of problems with them. Maybe a diff in states? Hope that gets better too!

  2. It doesn't really effect us directly. What happens is they aren't covering the cost that the pediatrician incurs from storage and disposal (for the expired vaccine)etc of the vaccine. They are paying out less than medicare does to pediatricians. Which means they are making money from vaccines. The AAP has told Aetna that they are underfunding pediatricians, but they refuse to negotiate.

    My pediatrician is the president of the local AAP chapter. She says until an agreement can be reached with Aetna with the PCV13 shot (which is the main one in question) she isn't going to give it to any patients who use Aetna. She says we have to go to the health department.

    Basically it's find a new pediatrician, get an new insurer, or go to the health department.

    It's a tug of war between Aetna and AAP physicians and we're in the middle. A lot of the pedis in our area won't even take Aetna.

    Haven't thought of amber, but this just sorta happened overnight. I'll talk to hubby and see what he thinks. I'm not sure of any places that sell it locally. I'd have to order it online. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Ah gotcha! That stinks... Thankfully it hasn't affected us. ZJ just got that particular shot last week too. Ours told us we'd have to go to to our health dept if we wanted the MMR separate but unless those come back before he needs them (supposedly is sometime next year so possible) we won't bother. No point in two places if we don't absolutely have too. I don't blame you though that's a hard spot to be in and we'd do the same given those options.

    As for amber... I want to make them but haven't been able to order supplies yet lol. I know of one place here that might have them, but they're so overpriced I wouldn't get it there if they do. Part of me wants to just order one, but making it is more likely to happen here.


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