Friday, December 24, 2010

Bah Humbug

Yeah, it's Christmas Eve. We went to Mass 30 minutes early. And still ended up sitting on the benches up against the wall. And our church added a new Mass last year bringing the total up to 10 for the whole weekend. And yet, they're still having to set up chairs outside. Craziness.

I got everything decorated for tomorrow and the real start of the Christmas season. The stockings are hung on the garland attached to our staircase. We don't have a chimney. The tree is decorated with lights and non-glass ornaments. And the ornaments are hung fairly high. I do recall my brother's love for a few treasured ornaments that he would lay under the tree and play with. I'm wondering if HB will find a few ones that he's fond of. And that's it. No presents yet.

Hubby and I have been discussing this whole "when to give presents" thing. Should we do the exchange at Epiphany? Or should we, as I've discovered in my extensive reading, have a-present-a-night for all of Christmas season? Very similar to Hanukkah. Hubby suggested letting HB decide whether he wants to wait it out for an all-at-once thing or get one at a time. But for now, I think we're sticking to Epiphany since he has very few gifts anyways.

And we've decided long ago not to "do" Santa. It's just not for us.

Hubby is excited about the "gift" his mother sent us: a set of ornaments depicting the 12 days of Christmas. Apparently it's a family tradition to hang them on a tinsel garland in the window. They used to start 12 days before Christmas, but Hubby has graciously conceded to hanging it up after. I told him on Sunday, I could go looking for a garland for him in the after Christmas decor sales. Hopefully, it won't be from China.

He's really happy about this (well, as far as Hubby gets about anything.) Even says when we have a bigger house that he wants bubble lights on a nicer tree. Never heard of them. We had to go look them up. Not crazy about them. They appear to be a fire waiting to happen. But maybe they're safe. It is nice to see Hubby get interested in this sort of thing. The past years of our marriage, I've been the only one decorating or making an effort to be seasonal. Maybe it's because we have a little boy upstairs asleep who will probably enjoy pulling on the lights.

Merry Christmas!

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