Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Was St. Nick good to you?
Did he leave you goodies in your shoe?
Was it coin of silver or gold?
Or was it the kind that can fold?
Oh, I think I see some candy, Yum!
Do you want to share some?

St. Andrew's Shortbread from last week.

I'll have to show you the St. Nick ornaments later (need to take a pic). But HB got some leg warmers and a Christmas book. The leg warmers I made from knee high socks. I cut off the foot and zig zagged sticked the bottom. Had to do that because baby legs are made in China. My socks are from Colombia and have a soft spot for that country since I once dated someone from there. The Christmas book is called The First Christmas: An angel came to nazareth. The illustrations are exquisite. The book isn't a board book but it's the newest version of a thicker paper so it's a half board book? Also it's printed in Malaysia.

More later.

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  1. :-D Sounds like fun! I was so unprepared once again.


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