Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's not me, I tell you!

Yesterday, I took HB to the health department for shots. He ended up sleeping quite a bit for him, but he's fine this morning. I was worried because that PVC13 is a nasty vaccine and he's teething. The great thing about HB is he cries very little when being vaccinated. One child, while we were waiting, shrieked before his vaccine. All the nurses had to go hold him down. We mostly snuggled and HB fell asleep in my lap yesterday.

My MIL gave us gift cards for Christmas and I used them to invest in some different pocket diapers. I'm so far loving the Thirsties Duo Diaper. I'm a little worried that they run small but... I also bought a tots bots and some baby kicks inserts. I tried the baby kicks with the Lollidoo (LD) and discovered this: 1) the LD inserts aren't wide enough and 2) the reason why the LD pocket doesn't work has nothing to do with how I've washed them or how much they are stuffed, we're having trouble because they have compression leaks. For those of you who don't understand cloth diaper lingo, a compression leak is when a baby sits on/lays on a part of the diaper where they are peeing and instead of the pee being absorbed up the back (wicked away) it just squeezes out the part their laying on. I figured it out because I stuffed that thing and the front was socked and leaking into the front of his pjs, but the back was completely dry. This didn't happen with the Thirsties. It did what it's supposed to and the pad was wet front and back. I'm thinking it's because the Lollidoo is just polyester and the Thirsties is PUL.

Anyways...there goes some money down the toilet. I plan on sending back the pockets to the manufacturer and explaining the problem and asking the to re-engineer their inserts at least (I mean they really aren't wide enough). They also could use hemp, which is thinner and more absorbent than the terry cloth. Plus hemp is natural and can be just as organic. But anyway...

Vote if you want to hear more about my leaking problems and about my issues with diaper covers. (The poll is to your right).

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  1. Oh no... The polyester part threw me and I almost left a completely irrelevant comment lol. Was thinking maybe they'd passed a fitted pocket as something that doesn't need a cover. Fleece diapers... Some people love them, but I have heard that compression leaks happen with a lot of those. Lollidoo's just look way too expensive for me to even think about trying. I thought they looked nice at first, but.. yeah I'm leery of stuff w/out PUL lol.

    I love hemp in diapers btw :-)

    Zavier is the same with shots... rarely cries. Last time was an exception and I'm still not happy about it.


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