Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm lonely. Hubby left for a week long conference today. I did talk to him quite a bit though and my MIL called so that was nice. I was also stressed a bit today for other reasons, but mostly having my best friend far far away makes it hard. Although HB is a pretty good substitute when he isn't throwing tantrums about not being allowed to push buttons on Mommy's phone while talking to Daddy or typing on Daddy's computer (Daddy took Mommy's computer with him).

So the blog becomes my biggest window to the outside world of grown-ups, at least for this week.

Things that I've been pondering: You know those labels for education. You know Campbell's soup and whatnot. Why do we have to collect them? Why can't those companies give those schools money directly? Doesn't it seem like a marketing scheme to you? I mean what a great idea to sell product. Money given to the school through collecting labels. Teacher's tell kids to collect labels from Campbell soup cans. Kid tells parent to pick-up the Campbell's instead of say Progresso. Parents say "no". Kid throws tantrum insists on it being good for school. So to pacify or because sounds good, parents buy Campbells. But is it for the school's good or just an underhanded marketing scheme? Seems suspiciously like advertising through kids.

Similarly, buying products because they are for breast cancer research etc. Most of the money goes back to the manufacturer and only a small percentage goes to the charity. It's better to give directly to the charity instead. The manufacturers are making money off non-profits. Is that right?

And finally, more research says that babies at 14 months (well toddlers really) have language development issues if they view tv for an hour a day. Also says that adult or older children programming is especially bad and that those baby mozart programs aren't any better than non-educational programs like Sponge Bob. Can read it here. So if this is true, then that means these billion dollar businesses of Sesame Street, Baby Mozart, Dora, and Baby Sign aren't any better than shows that are purely entertainment. And what's worse is instead of improving a child's language skills, it worsens them. Hummm.... Now you know why I constantly harp about children need interaction and less electronic toys and tv and whatnot that "teach" children so that the adult can sit back.

But granted today, I let my kid what a couple of youtube videos that are his favorite so that he would calm down. But I rarely let him do that sort of thing. We have exactly three electronic toys in my house. Two were given to me and one is borrowed. One is a train that makes sounds so not really educational-based. The other one is but it's speaker is broken so it no longer talks to you. And the other is a small table thing that we're borrowing mostly until HB starts walking independently. Yeah, we're lame. Go ahead and think it. We actually read and play with our child. *gasp* And we do it for hours on end. *gasp* And no we don't have anything better to do.

But don't get me wrong: I'm mostly preaching to the choir I know. I just get fed up with parents who use tv as a babysitter. That's the bottom line.

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