Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Newest

So here's what's been happening...

Last Saturday, Happy and her family moved. :(

I spent the week with Mammita which culminated in me being a mediator of sorts over the phone over a fight. :(

Had an awkward moment at the Holiday Party where one of the profs leaned over and realized I was nursing and said "best meal in the house." Then apologized profusely to Hubby about it. He didn't realize that was what I was doing. Just so you know... I was in a crowded room, sitting in a chair, with no cover just my shirt lifted slightly, and cradling HB. And he couldn't tell. So there you go if you think it's immodest to nurse in public.

HB has been cruising a lot. He also pulls himself and has managed to figure out how to sit back down on his butt. A couple of times simply falling have taught him that it's better that way. He enjoys sitting more these days. He's been sitting in the bathtub as opposed to swimming in it which what he used to like. Also has figured out he's a boy ;). He's been able to repeat a bunch of motor sounds tonight. Thought it was a fluke, but no. He kept doing it. I put him in a cardboard box that Mammita and I turned into a car and pulled him around the room. He totally loved it. He also waves his hand if he wants me to pick him up. And he holds his arms up. He also shakes his head no. And not just with food. If we move him away from the computer (which he would love to push the buttons on), he shakes his head no. He also likes to push buttons on the radio, the ps2, and the wii.

I think we've entered toddlerhood. It's only a matter of a couple months and he'll be walking and talking non-stop. Well that's it for now.

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  1. Sorry about Happy!

    I've gotten similar comments NIP a few times, but always by little old ladies so it isn't so awkward (kinda sweet).

    And exciting stuff :-D I'm gonna miss the swimming. Zavier does sit in the tub now too, but is still in the mostly swimming stage. The past couple days he's preferred chasing a duck around it but still lol. We haven't gotten the no yet (thankfully lol) but he raises his hands to us and waves hi (mostly to little girls lol). Just amazing to watch...


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