Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh, Foowy

This week has been drama laden and cold laden. We've (HB and I) had three colds: one a month since October. And Hubby has been gone and I completely forgot about the Advent Reconciliation service *sigh*. Oh, well. He'll be back on Friday and maybe I can steal away an hour to go to confession on Saturday. It's like practicing my flute: it just hasn't happened despite my best efforts to remember and work the schedule around it.

Yesterday, HB whacked his nose and bloodied it against a chair. It's not broken just threw me off because he normally cries when he falls and gets a little bump, but he wailed and it wasn't until the blood that I realized that he must of hit his nose pretty hard.

He's also started a real crawl which is odd because he also walks around the house holding onto furniture and walls and whatnot. A bit weird to me because why learn to crawl when you're working on walking? But I suppose it's good because you have to learn to coordinate your legs to walk.

And I'm hoping that the rest of this week will end with a fizzle instead of the craziness that it started. Okay where's my calendar; I'm marking it for Saturday's confessional booth and Christmas Eve Mass.


  1. Awww I'm sorry!

    Yay for crawling and cruising! From what I understand it has a lot to do with mental development... is funny that he's doing it about at the same time but order doesn't really matter as long as he masters both at some point. Zavier has crawling down and cruises a little but not to the same extent... he'll move along the couch, piano chair or pack n play side, but no walls or anything.

  2. Well he's always done an army crawl: propels himself with his arm and a pushing with a foot on his belly. And he can go fast just never was interested in using his knees. My mom said I was that way too. So I just assumed that he wouldn't really crawl and he really doesn't that much. I think he's only doing it now because he's working on cruising everywhere.

  3. Gotcha. Forgot you'd mentioned him doing the other crawl before. I have no idea about when I was a baby. I have the book, but yeah... doing good to know how old I was when I walked lol.


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