Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

I am so procrastinating....four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree. (I'm singing this by the way).

The New year is coming up fast, and I've hardly had anytime to think straight. I need to work on HB's first birthday bash (or at least call the park to reserve a pavilion). I need to start walking (must find a good used stroller). I need to pray more and I should really, really, really practice flute again. I miss it. I also should e-mail that lady before January hits. Need to go to confession on a more regular basis and should take up going to adoration more. Ahh...the insanity of a new year.

Oh, and Christmas is far from over at my house. Hubby decided that we'd open a present or two a day and that's what we've been doing. So far it's been two toy cars, a book about kid craft projects, a book of crock-pot recipes, a book on how to save money on your grocery bill complete with recipes, and a book for HB. And my Amazon order hasn't fully come in yet.

The year, though, has definitely flew by. I had a baby and then I started keeping kids at my house. Hubby has been diligently finishing up school. So that means next year we'll probably move, Hubby will get a "real" job (if you call working at your dream job being really a job), and I will probably at some point be working on cooking baby number two. Hubby has been bugging me about baby number two. This morning we had a discussion about how reversed our roles are compared to the last time. I wanted a baby and Hubby was less on board. This time Hubby wants a baby and I'm less on board. Funny.

Oh, and I should mention that last weigh in HB is up to 16 lbs 12 oz. That boy is smaller than the 7 month old a baby story time who is 20 lbs. Now you know why I'm not too thrilled about another baby. I'm still working on this one.


  1. First off, ignore the 20 lb baby! Seriously. All babies are different and 20 lbs at 7 months is way above average (try at the very edge or off the charts). Not only is it ok that not every baby is there, but not every baby is gonna be "average" sized either. I know two families (one family, one a friend) who consistently have kids on the low end or off the low end of the charts who are perfectly healthy.

    Not saying you have no worries, you're the mama and all... but something to keep in mind here.

    Glad your Christmas is going well :-) Sounds fun. And the year has flown by...

  2. Yeah, I know. I just had hopes on having cute chubby babies, but the reality is I'm lucky to have a healthy skinny baby. BTW the 7 month old is also taller hence the reason why she weighs more. We're not tall people so I'm not expecting us to have hefty tall babies anyway. The pedi did say that the weight is probably genetic. I do think though that the stalling/loosing weight that happened back during the 4th month didn't help. I suppose with baby number two, I'll be quick to keep the feedings up around then. Plus I heard that your supply is easier to get and maintain once you've already breastfed one. I've always had supply issues.

  3. Wow I was assuming the baby was a boy lol. Def off the charts there :-D Kalila was 17 lbs at a year and was still toward the top of the charts. Height does play into it to though yeah... Everyone is surprised by how much Z weighs because he's not really that chunky, doesn't have the huge belly or anything... but he's tall and just "big". Dh's bones are denser than normal & I'm guessing he passed that on.

    And yeah any kind of stall or loss is hard, esp on mama. Kalila did that at 9, is normal but was exaggerated by a diaper during the last weigh in and our pedi scared me half to death despite me knowing those things.

    Can't speak for everyone, but #2 has been easier for me.

  4. I'm not certain why you keep saying I "want" another kid. I'm okay with having another kid, but if we have more I want them spaced close together. You want 3 more spaced 3-4 years apart. I'm assuming we'll have at least one more, and I'd rather it be sooner than later. Hence, the "I'm fertile right now," trick doesn't work anymore. :P


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