Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I wish this entry was about real poop. The consistency of breastfed poop or how to wash it out of a diaper, but it isn't. It's about the metaphorical poop. The kind that seems to crop up and makes piles or hits the fan. That one.

I've mentioned some of the stress recently, but really I'm just the person in the middle. I'm the friend whose trying to be patient and a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear. The one who is really stressed is a friend of mine who finds himself going down a rabbit hole and landing in a pile of poop. His wife would like to think that the poop is entirely of his own making and he admits that a few bits of the poop in the pile are his own doo doos. But rather than forgiving him for it or even talking to him, his wife has decided to make it nearly impossible for him to redeem himself. Instead, it would seem, she's making the poop pile huge or making his own doo doo more than it really is.

Christmas is on Saturday. Christmas is a time of redemption, a time of forgiveness. Our savior was born in stable and placed in a manger. Think about it. Christ came into a world full of poop and slobber to forgive us. He sat in it, smelled it, and maybe even ate it (all babies do when they're that close to poop). He knew that it was there, that it is gross, and that it was of our own making. But instead of punishing us, or forcing us to clean it up ourselves, or making us live with our poop, he forgave us. He brought us out of the poop, gave us a bath (baptism), and made us clean. We didn't have to do anything except ask to be redeemed.

I wish that my friend's wife would understand that. I wish that she would follow Christ's example and forgive her husband, talk to him again, and work things out in dignity and charity. I don't think it's going to happen, but that's my Christmas wish. So far, my friend is going to have a decent Christmas, but I can't imagine what it must be like to have to deal with someone else's anger, silence, and bitterness.

I ask that my online friends pray that they have peace and that my friend's wife will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and bring forth ripe fruit. And I hope that during this holiday season, we can all look past those little irritations and forgive. I also pray that nobody spends this Christmas refusing to speak or reach out to another human being regardless of their problems. Thanks.


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