Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time Sensitive

She did finally contact someone. As far as I know, the person was able to set up a meet in which the police could pick her up and hopefully have her evaluated. She had contacted the person through e-mail and from that e-mail I knew she was going to be on the internet which is why I removed the post. I didn't want her to know that the police where looking for her and wanting to speak to her. I was afraid that she may bolt and refuse the help. It's my understanding that my friend has a history of depression and has been refusing medication. Apparently, what she was saying was important enough to warrant immediate help. And I am thankful that she was at least in contact with a counselor.

If she is reading this, I want her to know that we care about her. Depression is a real disease and it never goes away (except in certain types of depression like seasonal but then it comes back). It's nothing to be embarrassed about. People with depression honestly can't just wish it away. They need medications and counseling for the rest of their lives. My husband has had to deal with several cases of suicide within his family stretching back generations. They take depression very very very seriously. And they talk about it openingly because it is a familial disease. Hubby has lost an uncle and most recently a cousin. Sadly, the cousin was seeking help. As a result, all of the family members take any inclination of suicide again seriously. They go to extremes to ensure that all family members are aware of it and to seek help as soon as they have thoughts of suicide.

I'm saying this part to her and anyone else. Depression is a disease. Even if you don't have thoughts of suicide but have other symptoms like excessive sleeping or lack of sleeping, excessive eating or refusal to sleep, anxiety, sadness for several days and for several hours, uncontrollable crying, etc. please seek help. This is not some sort of insurmountable, must live with it disease. Medications and counseling do help. But you must keep trying because doctors will tell you not all medications work for all people.

And for those of you who live with or know a person with depression, the best thing you can do is be supportive and encourage them to seek help. If they start talking about suicide or threatening to immediately harm themselves, call 911. The police are trained to deal with this crisis. A person can be admitted into a hospital and receive treatment to help stop these thoughts before they become actions or these actions before they lead to death. It's not a betrayal of trust if your intention is to keep a person alive.

My prayers are with my friend and since depression is very common this time of year, with those who may be thinking about suicide. I also encourage you to visit your elderly neighbors and friends, anyone who has suffered a loss recently, or anyone who is going to be alone this holiday season. Those people are the most prone to committing suicide over the holidays.


  1. Praying for your friend too. Sorry yall are dealing with this.

    And yeah depression is nothing to mess around with. We deal with it here too... although I have to nitpick, not everyone needs meds. There are other treatments. Not saying meds don't have their place because they def do... Are just an absolute last resort to/for me.

  2. I spoke to someone about it and apparently the phone disconnected with the therapist and he was concerned based on things...I don't know enough details. But suffices to say that she's fine. I haven't spoken to her about it, but then again she doesn't talk about these things with me anyway. She's had a number of other incidents and again, they never come up. I've never asked and she's never said. Maybe I should open the door, but given the circumstances, I'm afraid she's going to blame me for the cops visiting her.

    I could speculate, but given her history regardless of whether she was just very upset or suicidal she still needs help. Her therapist is across the country. She doesn't meet him/her in person from what I understand.

    And if she is reading this, I think that she needs to find someone to meet in person on a regular basis.

    A lot of people with things like situational or seasonal depression don't need medication. But I think people with severe depression, medication is warranted. But I'm not a therapist and can't make a judgment call for every individual which is why at the very least a health care professional should evaluate the person.


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