Friday, December 3, 2010

TSA is a big fat bully

Here are some of the latest in TSA harrasments.

Mom made to wait 2 1/2 hours because she wants her breast milk to go through the TSA allowed alternative screening, but TSA will not follow it's own rules. She also endures a pat down even though it's a problem with the breast milk.

Newscaster shows how his three year old endured a pat down by a TSA screener. What astounds me is that the TSA agent did not respect the child's clear instruction not to be touched. Isn't that like child molestation or at best assalt? Where are the lines drawn? I understand that they needed to screen her but come on she's three. Wait til she calms down and if not, don't touch her. She has the right to refuse.

Career Flight Attendant has to remove prosthetic breast during pat down. Silly. Just Silly.
Bladder Cancer Survivor ignored when he warned officials that he had a urine bag. They broke the seal and ended up having to wear his urine soaked clothes on his flight until after take off.

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  1. :-O I knew about the first, but the others... wow. This is starting to remind me of another country's airports that I posted about awhile back.


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