Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes this week

1) After Monday's fiasco, I find myself without anyone to watch. But then I've had to deal with HB's cold. Yesterday was particularly bad. Hubby and I ranked this cold (number four) as being the 2nd worst he's had. His nose just keeps running...and running...and running. I swear he's gone through half a box of tissues. Yesterday, I ended up sleeping with him because the day before he had so much trouble. Today, he's so much better. But not completely over it yet.

2) Love, love, love the Thirsties duo diaper. So easy to stuff and is more roomie than the Tots Bots (which I also love, but not as much). It's such a love affair that I ordered two more so that he has enough for each night before needing to do the wash. Now he has a blue one, red Tots Bots, orange one, and a green one. Yeah, I love color.

3) Need to clean my house big time. There's cereal all over the floor. Yesterday was awful so I threw in the towel on being a good housekeeper. Today, I will redeem myself.

4) Found a wonderful recipe that involves poppy seeds, sour cream, cream of chicken soup, ritz crackers, and chicken that is oh so yum. I'll tell you about it later.

5) Planning HB's party. I'm not sure that I want to do a theme. I think I'll just make a simple cake and cup cakes and we'll fire up the grills at the park with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and some sort of party mix. I figure it's his first, the inlaws will be in town, so I need to do something a little more special then a cup cake at our house.

6) And you think I'm crazy about my identity. The Washington Post says it's oh so easy to guess a person's SSnumber. All you need to do is get on Facebook to get a person's name, where they are from/born, and a birth date and you can guess what it is. Seriously 8.5 % of people can have their number stolen because it's oh so easy. Although recent articles say that children born in 2011 will be less easy to guess because the SS Administration has put in place measures to make it more random. So HB, unfortunately, will be easier than his future siblings. Now, you know why I don't tell you his name or where we live.

7) Breastfeeding plugs- Breastfed babies grow up to be stronger kids and Bebe Gluton, the doll from Spain that your child can breastfeed comes complete with strap on flower boobies (weird I tell you) If you're interested in buying it, Amazon carries it now.

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  1. 7. Too expensive, but I love the idea. Kalila BF's her dolls anyway lol.

    6. Yeah its scary. I wonder if using a nickname helps any? I don't have the town I'm born in anywhere... use where I grew up. Or the fav of the places I grew up lol. Wasn't for this reason, but makes me kinda glad I do that though.

    5. We're doing a theme... dragons. Is pretty broad. I like broad ones better. And random. Less chance of being expensive lol. First bdays end up being the big ones too.

    4. Look forward to hearing about it.

    3. Sorry! 'm playing catch up too.

    2. I've heard a lot of good reviews of them. A bit nervous after seeing what's happened with the covers though. And their policies. We're gettign some Doopsy's soon and I'm very excited about that.

    1. Hope he gets better soon!


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