Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Challenge-Day 3

So far I've had one person (other than myself) take up my challenge. I know that many of you already read the Bible and Catechism on a regular basis too. By joining you'll have more people pray for you, but that's up to you. I thought that I would let you know how I've been doing since it's Day 3.

It's been okay. I've been doing it in bits and pieces throughout the day. I did forget to finish my Catechism passages on the first day but didn't realize it until yesterday. The first part of the Catechism is proving to be hard for me to focus on because it's all about why there is a Catechism and what a catechism means. It's important to know, but still hard to focus on. I've read the Catechism before and basically skimmed that part. This time I noticed one thing: Ratzinger aka the Pope headed up the committee that put the catechism together. Also the catechism is about teaching the faithful. It's meant to be a teaching tool unlike Canon law. Therefore, it's a bit vague in some areas of faith (like what exactly you should be wearing to be modest). Also it shouldn't be read as being set in stone, but the fact that a number of the passages in it are based on the Bible and church doctrine should set it apart as something worthy to take seriously.

So how has your reading been going?

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