Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper Cover Review

Yes, we're fine. No, I don't recognize anybody's name in the shooting other than Senator Giffords. And at some point, when my emotions are less raw, I'll be happy to talk about it, but until then I'll just stick to something more pleasant.

Thirsties- Pros: come in multiple sizes (see picture above) also come in duo sizes that can be adjusted for multiple sizes (not pictured), has gussets, comes in multiple colors, made in the USA, fabric is soft

Cons: only the duo sizes come with a snap option (which any mom who has a child who can take off their diaper knows it's nice for have for the summer), duo sizes run smaller than what they list, the FOE (fold over elastic) is discolored around the gussets, and it's easy to strip off the "shiny part" of the material

Wonderwraps- Pros- one-size fits all, manages to wrap well around the baby's waist, comes with a few cool colors, nice heavy duty elastic, thick velcro/touch tape/ aplix

Cons- discontinued, snap adjustments come unsnapped when putting on baby a little too easily, no gussets, made in China

Twinkle Toes- (see above two pictured) Pros- colorful, it's an etsy seller so can ask for a particular pattern, comes with gussets, sized on the small size so easily works with a small baby compared to leading companies, adjustable sizing, snaps, made in USA

Cons- discontinued the cover in-lo of an AI2 (which honestly is better in my opinion since they run small), can't wash with velcro/touch tape/aplix because they will stick to the FOE, must dry in drier because air drying causes them to wick/leak through the cover onto the child's clothes, lots of snaps but we usually only snap two and it works fine

Bummis- Pros: they have a regular bummis (not pictured) and the bummis brights (pictured above), come in many colors/designs, the brights have gussets the regular ones don't, made in Canada, holds up well in the wash although the two layers in the regular bummis did separate but that didn't cause any problems

Cons: The material is a little stiffer and scratchier than the other brands, no snap options, colored/designed covers cost extra, the FOE in the gussets is discolored

Litewrap- (not pictured) Pros: can be washed in cold water, has a snap with aplix, has gussets

Cons: You can't wash it in hot. Therefore the material has come apart around the aplix. It's made in China, and the aplix comes off easily, white is your only option

So far what's my ranking:

1) Thirsties-hands down they are awesome especially since they have a variety of colors and options
2) Bummis brights
3) Twinkle Toes and Wonder wraps- it's a tie because wonder wraps while great don't have gussets don't fit small babies and are made in China but Twinkle toes don't work for big kids well and have all those other issues although for us Twinkle Toes are better
4) regular bummis- they leaked a lot for us
5) Litewraps- are cheap and cheaply made, while we don't have leaks the material doesn't stand the test of time, I'm wondering if they will be even usable for the next kinder, and made in China (I'll bet with unfair trade conditions)

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