Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Health Watch

A CBS reporter becomes a cloth diaper convert. If you're skeptical about what cloth diapers involve, please watch. Or if you already cloth diaper, I encourage you to give her your thanks. Her initial story leaned toward disposable, but after the outcry of the cloth diaper community she took a challenge to try it.

And another plug for breastfeeding here. This article talks about 1/3 of all 9 month old babies are overweight (fortunately mine isn't,he's at the other end of the scale). In the article, the researcher suggests that the best way to reduce chances of your baby being overweight are to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and to not mix rice cereal into a bottle (explains why I was so chubby). She says that if your baby is overweight then chances are they will be overweight as a toddler, child, and an adult so....start em' off on the right track when your child is young, breastfeed.


  1. I saw both of her video's when they first came out. Made me smile when she did the second.

    As for the last article.. sigh. So many issues... I've been avoiding doing a post on it so far but prob will soon.

  2. I read your post...yeah, I guess the designations are silly. My child would be called anorexic despite the fact that I feed him every two hours when he's awake. He used to pack in the food, but not so much anymore. I think it's because of age. He's slowing down in growth.

    But I think there is some truth to watching children's weight. A lot of the study said that low-income families and Hispanic families have chunky kids. Now you could say it's their heritage, but I'm inclined to think it's because of nutrition and perhaps listening to grandma. I know a number of old wives tales are still listened to. A new grandma started telling my friend whose twins are chunky that she needed to slim them down by giving them water. I told her that the pediatrician told me not to even give HB water except in small amounts until he was a year or so. She was surprised by that. And I've heard that skinny babies need to be fed formula or to mix the formula with rice cereal to chunk them up. Or that they are crying because they are hungry and need the rice and formula in addition to the breastmilk which isn't necessarily the reason why a baby is crying.

    I guess my point is that while the designations are screwy there is some evidence based on the income and heritage part that some babies aren't being fed correctly. So while the study isn't a great one maybe it will wake people up.

    But hey that's my two cents.

  3. Yeah that part of it I can see... I know I was given some of that bad advice w/ Kalila. I was pretty blunt about why I wouldn't lol, esp with my mom. I'm still afraid to leave my son alone w/ the other side because they will feed him stuff he shouldn't have. There does need to be better nutritional advice given out, esp to certain areas/groups... as for the ones mentioned... You're right there. Half my family... take a wild guess from what I said above which it is.

    That's all why I said its good they're putting out the BF info and some of the ways to keep it from happening... but the methods of labeling are screwy and possibly damaging.

    Interesting side note. They used the CDC charts.. going by those my son is off the chart "obese". Going by WHO (weight to age, I don't have his current length) he's at the 75th percentile. Huge discrepancy there. I know they're calculated differently but put in place of the study...

  4. LOL I so misread the charts. Just posted a correction. As I was typing the responce to you it hit me that something didn't feel right.


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