Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Hubby Update

I'm so super excited. Hubby might hurt me if he finds out that I told people first. But I simply have to tell everyone.

1) Hubby has finished up his dissertation well...sorta. Right now he's screaming at Microsoft Word because of formatting issues. As he says, Microsoft Word is good for writing, it's not good for scientists who deal with graphics and charts and tables and pictures and well...you get the idea. He's decided rather than to deal with the nasties he's going to just input everything from page numbers etc. by hand. He expects to be done dealing with Word by Friday when he will print off copies of his dissertation and give it to each of his committee members.

2) He is scheduled to defend said dissertation on February 28th. Hence the reason he's giving out copies on Friday. He has to give them a month to review it. Should he pass the defense his next project will be to make the corrections his committee members tell him to so that his dissertation will be published by the U. And basically once he's passed his defense, he will be unofficially called "Dr. Hubby" because that's basically the end of everything he needs to do. I'm not sure if he wants to walk for graduation. So in May, when everything is official, he will be Dr. Hubby, extrodinar: aka the Rocks from Space guy, the microprobe effcianto, Argon Argon dater,... I think you get the picture.

3) The thing that I told you about where he had a job interview...well...he has the job! He starts mid-August so we'll be moving in about 6 months or so. The condo will be turned into a renter's palace and we will be renting also for two years when the post-doc will end. Hopefully by that point, Dr. Hubby (and yes, when all is said and done I will call him Dr. Hubby even though it will result in a pillow fight with Hubs), will be able to find a job either doing research or turning himself into El Professior Dr. Hubby (uh, oh, I think Hubby's going to have to buy more pillows).

4) Forgot, he has a paper that's being published in the next month's journal. So exciting.

Yes, awesome right!

In other news, HB's first birthday is Saturday. I haven't done a thing for it other than reserving a ramada and sending out an evite. I keep telling myself that I will go shopping for supplies soon. I just haven't been motivated.

And the stress of trial is over. I was worried that for one friend I was turning into Judas and for the other friend I was turning into Jesus. Fortunately, I didn't testify. The lawyers were able to broker a short term agreement until March when the issues that they still have will be revisited. They are going to mediation soon so hopefully a lot of March trial will be simply setting up more guidelines and then I'll never ever ever have to become Judas, well at least not the Iscariot. The other Judas, well...I would be honored to be a bit like him, even if he's only mentioned once in the Gospels.

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  1. That's great about your hubby! And this year has flown by way too fast... I can't believe HB is gonna be a year already.


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