Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Today is the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the Supreme Court decision to allow abortion. I've been reading many Catholic bloggers posts about today, and had originally was going to proceed with a different post, but since they've brought me to utter tears, I thought that I would say a few words.

I didn't become Pro-life until adulthood. Honestly, I never knew anything about abortion except for my pro-life hs friend's bumper sticker. It just never registered to me that there was a "choice." The subject wasn't spoken about at home or at school and it wasn't until adulthood that I knew much about what abortion was and what it meant.

When I was working, one of my part-time co-workers was finishing up a medical externship. She waited until late to get her assignment and was stuck with Planned Parenthood. One day, I sat in a room with her and chatted a bit and she told me how horrible it was. She said that her job was to do evaluations and pregnancy tests on patients. She also was giving them consultations about contraception. She said she was glad she was not doing the abortions. Some of the patients were coming in 28, 32 weeks into their pregnancy to have an abortion. She said that in order for the baby to be removed that they had to induce labor in the young teens (they were teenagers). She said one was in a lot of pain that she was kinda glad because she should have been more responsible. I was amazed. Those are full-term babies. I told her that and she said yes they were. She said that they would dismember the body parts and put them into refrigeration. No pretty burials. No one to care. They were killing babies, delivering them, and dismembering them in the most undignified manner. I told her that I thought abortions were for early pregnancies and she told me a lot of the abortions she had seen were late term abortions. I think that I felt sick after that. She hated the externship and was counting the days til she could leave. I can't imagine it. I think if I had been her; I would have told the college that I couldn't do an externship there. Maybe it's why she got stuck with them (Planned Parenthood) because none of her other classmates wanted to do that either.

It makes me sad that people would purposefully choose an abortion, but what infuriates me more is when one is forced upon them. I think that I mentioned before that I've watched a documentary about a South Korean minister who runs an underground railroad. He takes people from North Korea through China into South Korea. China will send back North Korean defectors. The border between South Korea and North Korea is heavily guarded and has an electrified fence. So for a North Korean person to defect, there is a high chance of getting caught. If you are caught, you and your entire extended family are sent to prison camps. This I learned about through another documentary. There are children living like animals fighting over corn kernels that were in the poop of a pig. And even if you aren't caught and sent back, your family will be sent to the camp. And when I say extended family, I'm not saying your sister or brother. I'm talking entire generations of your family tree: aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents too. Anyways...there was this lady who was pregnant in the first documentary. She was caught and it is very likely that N. Korea forced her to have an abortion and killed her child. Let me repeat that again. The North Korean government will kill children if they want too.

And China...the same thing happens although to a lesser extent. Because of China's one-child policy, Chinese children are dying through abortions and infanticide. Girls are being born and left in the jungle to die because in China, boys are coveted. There are some cases where women are basically carted off to have an abortion, but in general there is extreme pressure for women to abort their second child if their first is a boy. China will not pay for the second child's education, and since China is a communist country, everybody gets the same wage unless you live in the rural areas which experiences extreme poverty. Generally, speaking though rural areas are allowed to have two, but think of it this way, if you have two or more siblings, in China, they wouldn't exist. Plus, if you live in the Urban areas (where it is always only one), you receive a heavy fine for having two. Again, everyone gets the same pay for the most part. You'll notice that China has a heavy male populace.

If I could, I'd convince Hubby to let me adopt a little Chinese girl because China's one-child policy is just plain cruel. How can I buy a Chinese-made toy for my son, when I know the woman who made it was forced to abort her son? How could I sit by and let that happen while my son enjoys this cheap electronic toy? I can't. And I won't. So I don't buy China if I don't have to. Perhaps I should write a letter to the President and ask him how he can sleep at night knowing that Chinese woman don't get a "choice" when it comes to abortion. I see him at these dinners with the President of China and it disgusts me. China has a nasty civil right's record currently and the media is talking about the color of his wife's evening gown. Well, I think I might, although I'll be a bit nicer and tell him that I understand he's trying to keep trade relations open, but how many more children have to die before the one-child policy ends in 2015? Would you like to send him a letter too? What would you say?

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  1. This is a very good post. I'd never given the "made in China" issue much thought before now, but now I'm thinking about it. Thank you for this.


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