Friday, January 14, 2011

My Week Done Quickly

1) My week sucked royally like a rotten egg with all the stuff about the shooting and even the lack of solidarity from the Catholic community in DC. Poo Poo on you. Makes me glad that I've never lived that far east and make no plans to.

2) My child has decided that in order to sleep he must a) fall asleep in the car and be quickly transported to his crib b) run around my house whining about stuff pulling on my shirt until I obligingly feed him to which he falls asleep or c) wiggles and squirms while simultaneously rubbing his eyes and yawning yet refuses to sleep unless he is deposited in said crib to cry for five to ten minutes after which I get him to nod off instantly. Does anyone else have that problem?

3) Hubby's interview went well. He got home in time for dinner, but won't know for sure whether or not he has the job until next week sometime.

4) I too am working again. It's not the ideal thing because I have to transport my child, but I'm helping my friend get some sanity back by doing the grocery shopping, cooking some meals, and doing some light cleaning.

5) My Take the Bible/Catechism Challenge (see right side bar) starts on Sunday. I am so excited! Not that anyone has signed up yet. And no you don't need a blog to do it. You can always leave a comment. The best thing about it is that I'm getting into a better habit that I totally fell out of and it's making me feel better. I'm hoping to go to Adoration tonight (one of the other church's has it all night on Fridays) and Confession tomorrow (if I can get hubby to let me have a half hour). Awesome!

6) I went to MOPS again this week. HB didn't like that too much because someone else gets to watch him for an hour and half :) It was a spa type thing. I spoke to one of the ladies there and got into a conversation about essential oils. I told her that I love to put Tea Tree Oil in my washing because it disinfects (awesome for cold and flu season). She came up a with a craft to make a room air freshener which smells oh so good especially when diapers are next in the washing cycle.

7) Also went to BFSG which was nice. We mostly talked about kids. HB was the oldest there, but many of the moms have toddlers. One told me that once they start walking it's easier than the crawling stage. I hope she's right. The big topic was sleep. It's really rough on a person when you're in the thick of things. I think all new moms (or moms of newborns) wish that there was some magic, safe, and healthy pill that would put our kids to sleep while simultaneously feed them and change their diaper.

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