Thursday, January 13, 2011

On a happy note...

On a happy note...we're approaching HB's birthday. He's been climbing up the stairs very well (a little too well) and has lately starting to stand for a few seconds without holding onto things. He also is "talking" or rather signing. It's a great relief to us now that we have a means to communicate to him or rather he can "talk" to us. His first sign is milk which we use to mean nursing and he finally started that yesterday. He even did it at dinner in front of hubby. Hubby was feeding him, HB pointed at me, and then he did the sign. So naturally, we took a break and let him nurse. It was wonderful. He's not very consistent with it yet, but it's only the second day. My goal is to encourage him to use the sign instead of trying to either eat my shirt or yank on my shirt. But I know that's going to take a while.

Hope that everyone's week has been tremendously better than mine. I get inundated everyday with news about the shooting. Heroes are on tv and radio. The progress of the Congresswoman is given any little progress she makes. And today I drove past the hospital where she's kept and the news media are camped out in full force. Plus I saw what appeared to be a swimming pool sized memorial/token area where well-meaning people have placed flowers, teddy bears, etc. Mostly it saddens me because this sort of thing doesn't happen to those who are recovering gun shot wounds etc. from crazy madmen. Somehow it just seems wrong and hollow to focus so much attention on this particular shooting instead of focusing on the overall picture: that violence happens frequently to the best of people.

I think if it wasn't so in my face then I could let it go better. Maybe I have a touch of PTSD or maybe I'm just more human and can't shut it out as well as some people can. Even violent video games or movies get to me at times. I hate it. I really do. The focus should be on the people the unspoken people who've suffered and their families have suffered. And I know after a month hardly anyone will think about it and news will start focusing on something else. And that to me is also sad. Not that I think people should be pessimistic, but rather that nothing will change. And honestly, something good should come out of this.

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