Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a load of crap

Yeah, I'm using poop metaphors again. This time it's with insurance. We're signing ourselves up for insurance because it's that time of year again. And what do you know...they're asking for our socials.

First of all it's illegal to make it a requirement when filling out paperwork. Unless you're filing taxes, no hospital or private insurance company can require you to provide them with a social. Granted it's a contract, but you don't have to provide them with one. Only employers, banks, and the government will ever need one. And the banks only get it since 911 and the stupid patriot act, which I won't get into here. But suffices to say, even children can't have a bank account (under the age of five even) without one.

Secondly, HB is under the age of five. Children, in this country, under the age of five are not required to have a social. So if your signing up for insurance that makes you have a social in order to get it, yet you don't have a social because it's not required, where does that leave you? Most people get their children socials so they can write their children off their taxes as dependents, but again it's not required.

I'm so glad the Pope has basically said that it is the responsibility of all countries to provide adequate health care to all it's citizens. Perhaps people will finally stop asking for socials. And will businesses ever stop asking me for my phone number or e-mail when signing up for their "rewards" programs. *sigh* I don't give out that information either. Did I mention that I'm a little nutty over protecting my identity? Yeah. I'm a little peeved. Hubby told me I should go deal with the U myself. But I honestly don't think it will change anything. Stupid insurance. Can I move to Canada?


  1. This year, we changed to an HMO because the PPO we have had for 8 years went from 6 to 12 thousand in payroll deductions. YIKES!

    I'd be interested in learning more about what level of medical service the Pope feels we should receive. Should the government provide heart bypasses from 85 year old patients? Lung cancer treatment for smokers of 30 years? Fertility treatments (the UK provides IVF and more)? Medical technology gets more amazing and expensive every day.

  2. Thinking about insurance makes my head hurt...


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