Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonderful News

Wonderful News there is now officially an ordinariate for Anglo-Catholics. Read here.

For those of you who don't understand the inner workings of Catholicism, I'll be brief. The vast majority of Catholics that you will meet are Roman Catholics, which is what I am. We're largely from ancestry in Western and some Eastern Europe. However, Roman Catholics aren't the only Catholics. Depending on your geographical heritage, or what you married into, or prefer you can be Byzantine Catholic, Maronite Catholic, Coptic Catholic, etc. The main differences are the language we use, how our worship service goes, when we perform sacraments (meaning the age of our children), our religious calendars (Coptics use a Julian calendar so Merry Christmas to you), etc. But we follow the Bishop of Rome as the head and basic principals about how to live our lives. There are over 20 types of such individual churches within the main body of Catholic Church.

And today, we've introduced a new one Anglo-Catholics. They are Anglicans who are breaking away from the Church of England to follow the Pope bringing with them their own rich traditional heritage including the Book of Common Prayer. So glad to have them with us.


  1. I'm a bit confused... Technically this already exsists. There's one here. Let me find the link to the Parish's website.

    I'm assuming the article is talking about broadening this, making it more available? Because its in England? Like I said, seriously confused lol. I know it was a small movement before and not many existed, but still...

    Reading back over Atonments website maybe its the change from Anglican-Use to Anglo Catholic? Grasping for straws here lol.

  2. I'm thinking that this is the first ordinariate for England and Wales which is officially Anglican. I'm thinking that the other church, since it uses the term Episcopalian, is American. While Episcopalian and Anglican are essentially the same church, I think that this is meant to be more special since it's happening where Anglicanism home base (so to speak) is. They also called it a personal ordinariate, which I'm not sure why personal.

    I do know that individual churches have become in communion with the Catholic church. I'm wondering if this is a historic event because they were Bishops and therefore are leading several churches down this path. I'll have to read more articles later.

  3. Yeah I read another article and I think its more the way that they're doing it this time that's the deal here. Either way its huge. Very happy news :-)


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