Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Books that Changed My Childhood

1. Definately number one book that changed my childhood, Diary of a Young Girl aka Diary of Anne Frank. Picked it up a school book fair at about age 10 or 11. It spoke volumes to me.

2. Little Women- love, love, love this book of classic children's lit.

3. Bridge to Terabithia- a lovely book about loosing ones best friend

4. Anne of Green Gables- again a total classic and all about best girl friends

5. The Lion, the Witch, and Wardrobe- was bored in study hall or detention or something in middle school (yes, I got detention often for talking too much), ended up picking this book off the lost and found shelf in my teacher's classroom and couldn't put the thing down. Ended up demanding that my parents take me to the local bookstore so that I could devour the whole series.

6. The Little House on the Praire- my parents bought me the series for Christmas one year. I bent the bindings so bad. Learned to be more gentle with paper backs after that. Love love love this classic piece of Americana

7. The Secret Garden- Okay deciding what would make this list was hard for me. I love this book, but I also love The Hobbit. I ended up choosing this one because I appreciated The Hobbit more as an adult. Love this book.

I still own these books by the way. They are fantastic. What were some of your favorite books during your childhood?


  1. I always had a really hard time with books that involved friends/kids dying. Or, in the case of the Chronicles of Narnia, Susan *not* dying. Did you ever read anything by Madeliene L'Engle? I loved A Wrinkle in Time and many of her other books.

  2. No, I haven't read A Wrinkle in Time, but I've heard that it's excellent.

    Looking at the list, they all seem to involve death. Well, Anne of Green Gables doesn't, but she saves a little girl's life. Maybe I'm morbid. Doubt it though. I think I've got a good grasp on knowing theirs an afterlife so it doesn't scare me so bad. I think the hard part about death is missing people you love and fear of the unknown.


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