Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes- The Family Update

1) Hubby's article is in print with errors. The biggest thing is that there were supposed to be some graphics in color. It was totally the publishing company's fault.

2) Hubby is defending on February 21st. Due to a cancellation he's had to move it up by a week. We're totally excited. After that he becomes a lab rat for his adviser until August when we move.

3) HB has gained weight. He's now 17 lbs. 12 oz. according the BSG's scale. All scales are not going to read exactly the same. They are usually off by one or two ounces.

4) Today we had to give a urine sample. The pedi, the nurse, myself and hubby have been playing phone tag. The doctor wanted to eliminate a UTI as a possible cause. I raised my eyebrow at this one. UTI's are severally painful and usually are accompanied by fever. HB has never shown any of those symptoms and as Trisha said "so that means he's had a UTI for 7 months now?" But we went and gave today anyway.

5) The pedi also wants us to make an appointment for yet another blood sample. She wants to check for lead and check the other stats that were within normal range but a little high. Okay.

6) I've been working like mad this week. I watched Mammita a couple of days this week in addition to working for Trisha. Hubby is taking days off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I won't get a nice weekend and I'll have to shift things around so that I can run errands on those two days off. HB likes to roam the store which makes it difficult to shop. That or he'll stand in the cart. To my chagrin one day while at Target a nice message came over the PA warning shoppers not to let their children "ride in the cart". Oh, well.

7) I suppose that I could talk about the cats. They're favorite hide out is my bed. Shade looks thin. Starbuck continues to tolerate HB. Shade will immediately leave.

And those are the quick takes.

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  1. Yay!

    Uti sounds weird to me too...

    And Target is the one place we've gotten a comment too lol. A worker walked by and got onto Kalila about it. She was standing outside it though.


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