Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ahh!!! That's Me

I recently mentioned that I use the as a Catholic newsource of all things blog opinion. So I'm looking at the Saturday Morning Edition. Normally articles that I've read turn yellow. So I'm scrolling through and then look to see which one I've read and said "wait, a minute. Wait just a darn minute. Hey, that's me! That's my article." A big smile on my face and a happy dance later, I'll telling you about it. I actually considered not writing that one accept Hubby wanted me to. So if you think a topic looks good to you, please vote on it. Otherwise, I'll file it then "of no interest" folder and not work on.

Currently, I have two treats for you in my brain: 1) Concupiscence and Bible Interpretation: Where Protestants and Catholics Diverge 2) The Benedictine Rule and the Family: How the BR was designed around the Family and can still be applied to the Family. They aren't on the poll because I try to keep the poll diverse. I may go ahead and write them regardless. Stay tuned!

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