Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bible/Catechism Challenge- Week 6

Some family stuff first. Hubby defends his dissertation tomorrow. HB's test both the urine and the blood came back normal. As I predicted they would so I suppose the pedi's going to try and insist that we feed him more despite the fact that he's so darn picky. And HB is walking. He can go about 6 or 7 steps at a time then he looses his balance. Poor thing. He's so determined about it too. Keeps standing himself up from a sitting position and keeps going. At one point, he got so frustrated from falling down so many times that he threw himself on the floor and banged his head twice. His dad used to bang his head on the floor when he was upset too. I've learned that after awhile a good distraction helps. Otherwise he'd just keep trying or waiting for us to hold one of his hands so he has some additional support. I've been reading Leviticus *rolling my eyes*. I get so tired of all the unclean/clean laws. Did you know they even have an unclean law about a piece of clothing? And they go into detail about examination by a priest and then placing it in isolation for a week and then reexamining it and it just keeps going like that.

I'm also still in Romans and I've been reading about faith in Jesus and how keeping the laws doesn't save you and stuff. For the record, Paul is referring to the unclean/clean laws from the OT. So I know it's important to read Leviticus, but *sigh* it's so darn hard.

The Catechism is a little bit of a challenge. It's going through the Apostle's Creed and about God the Father and creation and whatnot. I'm sure all that's good for a person whose new to the faith or learning about it, but it's not the kinda stuff I question so I'm having trouble concentrating on that as well.

I guess you could say my reading feels a little less joyful then normal. I can't wait until I get to the "good" stuff so to speak. How has your reading been going? How is your family doing?

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  1. Good luck to your DH on defending his dissertation! And to HB on walking!


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