Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Challenge-Week 4

I've been very diligent about my readings. It's become a habit for me to spend my evenings reading my passages and reading my devotional (it's something that I added for myself).

The good things:
The Catechism is going great now. The metaphysical stuff is hard for me to digest, but I'm in the section about faith after having read about Tradition and the Scriptures. A thing that caught my eye was this CCC 168:...In the Rituale Romanum, the minister of Baptism asks the catechumen: "What do you ask of God's Church?" And the answer is "Faith." "What does faith offer you?" Eternal life."

It caught my eye because at my old parish they would ask the parents that question and the response was always "Eternal life." But at my new parish we are told that it's up to the parents what to respond. All the parents say "Baptism" usually. I responded with "Eternal life" and the priest said that was a new one. Makes me wonder if they aren't following the rite properly. They don't make the acolytes wear albs so it wouldn't surprise me. *sigh*

The tough stuff:
Right now I'm plowing throw Exodus and the sections about the construction of the ark and the priests clothing and what goes into the incense etc. It's hard for me to focus because it is so specific. I end up visualizing the Raiders of the Last Ark ark so that I can try and keep up with all the specifics about angels and wings and gold and whatnot. Is that bad to use a movie so that you can read the Bible? I hope not because after that when they start talking unclean/clean laws and sacrifices I'm not going to be able to concentrate so well. I used to just plow through the entire books of Leviticus and Numbers without remembering a single thing. It's why I chose to read the Bible in a year so that I could read it slowly (instead of just to get through it) and try and focus on those particular books.

So how's it going for you? I've been praying diligently for the other people who have joined my challenge. I hope that you aren't finding it as difficult as I am.


  1. I should have done this :-(

    I've only heard Baptism answered.. that I remember anyway. Interesting.

    And now I'm going to picture raiders anytime I read/hear about that :-D

  2. You still can. People are joining as they hear/see about it.

    I totally love Indiana Jones. Was so excited when the newest one came out. :D


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